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API tracking and monitoring for third-party APIs

Companies are more dependent on APIs to power their businesses than ever before – from ecommerce and delivery services to telehealth providers. But most companies are not prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly API-driven world. Reliability issues and visibility gaps around the API integrations that make these services possible are widespread, which directly affects customers’ experience and their lifetime value to the business. Hoss integrates with PagerDuty to give companies deep visibility, more reliable integrations, and the ability to respond to issues in real-time.

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Benefits of Hoss and PagerDuty Integration

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Hoss helps teams make better API-driven products. Our simple drop-in solution makes it easy to track and manage third-party APIs. Get visibility into API performance, be alerted of errors before your customers notice, reduce the amount of time spent debugging integrations, and much more.


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