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Send Critical Security Alerts via the Infocyte-PagerDuty Integration

Integrating between Infocyte and PagerDuty is simple and effective by leveraging a Service created in PagerDuty and a Webhook configured in Infocyte. The integration between the two platforms leverages an Integration with the PagerDuty Service where an API Integration is created (PagerDuty Events API v2) and a defined Webhook with the Infocyte Platform where the Webhook calls out to the PagerDuty API for Events and sends the alert payload to initiate an event in PagerDuty.

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Founded by the leaders of the United States Air Force Cyber Incident Response Team (AFCIRT), Infocyte is a globally trusted leader in proactive threat detection and incident response. Infocyte helps organizations maintain compliance, stop ransomware and account takeover, reduce risk, optimize security operations, and scale security teams.


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