Collaborative Operations Powered by AI

RigD gives you complete control over your PagerDuty incidents for Slack; so you can quickly route, remediate, and resolve them. When the going gets tough RigD makes it easy to assemble the team and collaboratively troubleshoot an incident. And we'll keep an eye out for patterns in your troubleshooting to help resolve future incidents even faster.

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Faster Mean Time to Identification with Simple Yet Powerful Filtering and Intelligent Routing

• Solve your problems/alerts/incidents rapidly by assembling the right team immediately • Less context switching; have the data you need in one screen • Gain speed and efficiency from the start of the troubleshooting

Raise the Bar on Team Knowledge with Easy Collaborative Troubleshooting

• Teams can work issues within a channel in context with less noise • Collaborate better with a Bot’s functions and activities at your side • Management can get easy updates on how the session is going and data-based incident digests drive learning and improvement

Never Miss an SLA and Machine Learning Driven Remediation Flows Improve Business Outcomes

• Empower management and executives with the information to keep the customer informed on more detailed status • Discover patterns in troubleshooting to resolve issues faster • Save your best practices as remediation flows so that all tiers of support can solve the next problem faster

About RigD

RigD is a Slack Bot that uses machine learning to augment collaboration for simpler, faster operations and deployments. Teams use RigD to find, work, and solve incidents, for better SLAs. RigD assists developers in deploying code by eliminating context switches and streamlining pipelines and repetitive actions.
Integration Features

Simple Integration of PagerDuty into Slack

Complete incident visibility

Full Control of incident lifecycle and updates

Work incidents collaboratively

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