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Application Observability & Security Platform for serverless and containers

Thundra provides deep security and performance insights into serverless-centric workloads. It eases the debugging process with distributed and local tracing. Customers can debug, monitor, troubleshoot, optimize costs, remove security vulnerabilities, and prove continual compliance with Thundra. Thundra helps to increase performance, optimize cost, and reduce MTTR upto 70%. Customers can understand the application behavior and troubleshoot in minutes. Thundra's security guardrails & compliance helps to prevent security vulnerabilities with whitelist/blacklist policies, auto-detect anomalies. Discovering bottlenecks and detecting issues in development and production is 90% faster. Thundra enables customers to debug serverless-centric applications online & offline, line-by-line.

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Thundra Overview

Thundra is an Application Observability and Security Platform for serverless, container, and VM workloads. It combines troubleshooting and debugging to improve MTTR while ensuring security and compliance policies are enforced. With Thundra, teams reduce the complexity, costs, and bottlenecks slowing them down, while improving productivity and efficiency.


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