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Zerotect: PagerDuty and Polyverse detect and raise alerts on Zero-Day attacks

Detecting malicious scans can be the first indicator of a potential attack. Watching for things like port scans is commonplace in security circles, but how do you detect a BROP attack, or any other kind of buffer-overflow attack for that matter? Zerotect is a free and open-source agent that detects memory-based zero-day attacks and then raises incidents in PagerDuty, being the single-pane-of-glass for incident management. PagerDuty customers can thus be alerted to zero-day attacks in real time and manage remediations all other operational events.

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Polyverse develops leading-edge cybersecurity technology to build diversity across multiple system dimensions, stopping attacks before they start. Its technology is used by government and security-conscious organizations to mitigate against zero-day memory exploits. It is also embedded into devices, hardware and security solutions to provide the ultimate protection against hackers.


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