Incident Management, Built for ChatOps

Bring Incident Management Workflows into Slack or HipChat

ChatOps is all about conversation-driven development. By bringing the tools you use into your workflows and leveraging chatbots for automation, your team can automate tasks and collaborate in real-time. Orchestrating the ideal response to business-impacting incidents has never been easier.

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Communicate and Collaborate Better to Resolve Incidents

With high-powered, bi-directional integrations with HipChat and Slack, your response team can collaborate with one another and trigger, view, acknowledge and resolve incidents faster than ever before. You can create end-to-end workflows by connecting your existing infrastructure to any ChatOps or collaboration tool of choice. With 200+ integrations with monitoring, deployment, collaboration, and ticketing tools, PagerDuty ingests alerts from any endpoint. With best-in-class event intelligence alongside powerful response orchestration, you can continuously deliver better software and customer experiences.

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