Faster Incident Resolution With PagerDuty and JIRA Software Cloud

PagerDuty and JIRA Software Cloud

Whether you're a developer responsible for managing your code in production or an NOC manager lookign to reduce incident resolution times in the face of growing IT complexity, collaboration across teams is essential if you want to deliver great software and amazing customer experiences.

PagerDuty seamlessly extends incident resolution workflows to JIRA Software Cloud, an Atlassian tool used by developers and Agile teams to plan, track, and release software. The integration makes it easy for teams to collaborate more efficiently, respond and resolve incidents faster, and ensure they systems they support 24x7 and software they build are running smoothly.

With the new PagerDuty JIRA Software Cloud extension, your team and responders can:

  • Connect JIRA Software Cloud to PagerDuty through the PagerDuty Extensions Portal
  • Create linked JIRA tickets based on PagerDuty incidents at the click of a button
  • Navigate between the systems easily for a seamless experience

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