Automate critical work across the enterprise

Move from ticket time to machine time with our full suite of PagerDuty Automation capabilities.

Empower more focused engineering.

"We trigger runbooks directly from PagerDuty. That’s a huge step for automation made easy."

Pierryves Fournier SRE Team Lead HUG - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

What are you looking to automate?

DevOps automation

Speed up operations and scale your teams through automation. Example jobs: Continuous delivery, Patching, Customer tenant operations

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Service operations (ITSM)

Standardize and automate standard operating procedures integrated with ITSM. Example jobs: SOC2 audits, Change tracking, Multi/hybrid cloud ops

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Self-service requests

Automate standard IT requests and delegate to end users. Example jobs: Developer operations, System access requests, Data collection

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Event-driven automation

Respond and resolve incidents faster with fewer interruptions Example jobs: Service diagnoses, Incident remediations, Triggered maintenance

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Incident remediation

Remediate incidents like an expert with pre-built automation jobs. Example jobs: Service diagnoses, Incident remediations, Failback automation

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Edge automation

Remotely manage incidents & general operations of edge environments. Example jobs: Device restart & reconnect, Update local firewall settings, Retrieve logs

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Kubernetes Operations

Simplify management of clusters, pods, and containers for the whole team Example jobs: Manage deployments, Job operations, Debug state capture

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Continuous delivery

Increase release velocity across all of your environments. Example jobs: Provision environments, Deployment orchestration, Database updates

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Bring your own stack

You don't have to change your processes: With 700+ native integrations, extensible APIs, and customizable workflows, PagerDuty can fit into and augment any team's toolkit.