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Incident Postmortems

At the core of every exercise is the goal to get better. When it comes to incident postmortems, continuous improvement is the centerpiece of the exercise. When incidents inevitably occur, it is critical that teams take the necessary time after resolution to truly understand what happened that impacted their systems. Blamelessness, empathy, and understanding are all important facets of what goes into a postmortem. Learn more about how your teams can get value out of running a successful postmortem.

Postmortem Basics

Looking for an in-depth deep dive into postmortems? Check out our Postmortem OpsGuide to learn you how to build a culture of continuous learning, the most important components to include in your postmortem analysis, and how to conduct effective postmortem meetings. Made for on-call practitioners who want to iteratively learn from incidents affecting their team and for managers who want to cultivate a culture of learning in their organization.

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