SecOps Revolutionizes Security Management

We live in an age of never-ending cybersecurity threats—and they’re not going away anytime soon. To stay ahead of these threats, companies need to evolve their security operations. The practices and toolsets that worked for securing systems in the past are no longer enough. Staying secure today requires a total overhaul of security policies and practices.

Organizations today require disruption in security management, which means not only modernizing security tools and best practices, but also involving more stakeholders in security ops, streamlining communication about security incidents, and coordinating responses efficiently and rapidly. It means embracing SecOps, a new approach to security management.

In This eBook:
  • The What and Why of SecOps
  • How SecOps Revolutionizes Security Management
  • Barriers to Adopting SecOps
  • Leveraging Incident Management to Adopt SecOps

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