A Guide to Introducing DevOps to the Enterprise

For most enterprises, building a DevOps culture and spreading it throughout the entire organization can seem like a daunting task. It’s easy to assume that DevOps works well only for startups that are building a culture from scratch or for tech giants with cloud-native roots, but in reality, DevOps is for everyone.

DevOps best practices can benefit all types of organizations, across all industries. Nearly half of enterprises have already begun adopting DevOps, and most of the remainder have plans to do so. If your org doesn’t make the shift to DevOps, it risks being disrupted by others that achieve greater agility, automation, and communication.

Download this guide and learn how enterprises can achieve the cultural change necessary to start down the DevOps journey by adopting the right tools and strategies.

In This eBook:
  • The Why and How of Enterprise DevOps
  • Why Enterprises Are Making the Move to DevOps
  • Challenges to Adopting DevOps in the Enterprise
  • Enabling and Continuing DevOps Transformation for the Enterprise

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