Study reveals a need for a shift in workforce expectations and the way teams across an organisation collaborate to resolve consumer-facing incidents.
Digital services have become more ingrained in the everyday life of UK consumers, with applications that help complete tasks such as banking, finding transportation, grocery shopping, and booking airline tickets.But what happens when one of these services doesn’t work seamlessly as planned?

When an hour of downtime can cost organizations between £500,000 to £5 million, are you confident your IT, developers, DevOps and management teams across the organization are prepared to overcome challenges and deliver a seamless digital experience?

Download the State of Digital Operations Report: United Kingdom to see where your organization stands and how you can turn the perception of preparedness into reality.

  • A clear disconnect between organisations’ abilities to keep up with the rise of digital services in order to resolve consumer-impacting incidents.
  • Insights from +300 IT personnel in development and operations from DevOps to management roles and +300 consumers in the UK
  • A gap in consumer expectations and organisations’ ability to respond to poor performing services: IT teams take at least 5X longer than consumers are willing to wait for a service that isn’t performing

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