A Modern Operations Solution for Incident Management

Advances in digital business are impacting every aspect of IT. Cloud services, big data, mobile, and social are dramatically changing how we pursue application development and deployment. Technology is allowing us to rethink and reengineer processes to drive risk and cost down while simultaneously pushing performance, availability, and scalability up.The complex nature of IT operations, IT use cases, and IT service management today have made homegrown incident management solutions obsolete, and advances in technology and diversity have rendered most commercial solutions incapable of addressing availability, scalability, or reliability requirements. Download this report by The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to learn why PagerDuty stands apart in the incident management market.

In this report:

  • What makes incident management such a unique and important investment?
  • What key features should an incident management solution have?
  • How should you evaluate an incident management solution?
  • What sets PagerDuty apart from the competition?