Incident Management Fails to Deliver Business Reliability—a New Strategy Is Needed

Having reliable technology is critical for business success. Unfortunately, critical incidents that result in degraded performance are all too common, and at many organizations, IT’s current incident resolution approach poorly equips businesses to quickly and efficiently restore performance and trust. However, by incorporating intelligent alert notifications, automation, and analytics, companies can adopt a more strategic and effective incident resolution approach—ultimately resulting in faster incident resolution and less downtime.

In a study commissioned by PagerDuty, Forrester Research shares four key findings:

  • Technology innovation and reliability are critical for business success, but IT is failing to deliver on business expectations
  • Incident resolution is tactical and reactive today, harming the business
  • IT executives and practitioners have different opinions on incident resolution needs and opportunities
  • Rapid, contextual notifications can help IT teams resolve to incidents faster, and predictive analytics can help teams prevent problems in the future

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