Cut Through the Chaos. Unleash Innovation and Productivity.

Modern IT systems and infrastructure are more complex and generating more data than ever before, making it increasingly challenging for organizations to manage the behavior of digital signals at scale. As a result, many companies are looking to invest in data science and automation to identify actionable signals among the noise. But it’s impractical if insights require complex, time-intensive rules and guesswork.

PagerDuty Event Intelligence is a new approach to AIOps and Event Management that makes it easy for organizations to aggregate their monitoring data, automate common workflows, suppress noise, and give responders total situational awareness when issues occur. This new solution combines unique machine and human intelligence with DevOps best practices, seamless integration with the PagerDuty platform, and a great user experience to reduce configuration hassles, fight alert fatigue, and improve time to resolution.

PagerDuty Event Intelligence Provides:

  • Advanced event and workflow automation
  • Adaptive, machine-learning based correlation
  • Human context–enriched triage
  • And more!