The Real Value of a DevOps Transformation

Have you ever wondered what the real value of undergoing a DevOps transformation if for an organization?

Join us as industry experts and IT leaders from Dropbox, Staples Digital Solutions, and PagerDuty explore what it really means for an organization to think about the value and business case for moving to DevOps.

In this webinar:

  • Insights from actual DevOps implementations
  • Value to the customer, business, and team, in dollars, time, and satisfaction
  • Key metrics that you should use to measure for building a strong case for DevOps
  • How to convince your teams to change and innovate to stay ahead

Meet our Speakers

Andrew Fong

Andrew Fong

Director of Engineering
Matthew Sokol

Matthew Sokol

Principal Software Engineer
Staples Digital Solutions
Rachel Obstler

Rachel Obstler

VP of Product

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