Meeting the demands of ever-changing IT management and security requirements means evolving how you respond to and resolve incidents. It’s critical for organizations to adopt a scalable DevOps solution that integrates with their current monitoring systems to enable collaboration across development and operations teams, reducing the mean-time-to-resolution. PagerDuty works with AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch to provide rapid incident response with rich, contextual details, enabling you to analyze trends and monitor the performance of your applications and AWS environment.

Join us to learn:

  • How Datadog is using the AWS-PagerDuty integration to improve incident response times, manage and prioritize increasing alert volumes, and reduce alert fatigue for its on-call engineers
  • Best practices for analyzing application and service health across every layer of your IT environment
  • How PagerDuty enables collaboration with development teams to reduce resolution times

*This webinar is part of the APN Partner Webinar Series.

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