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Q4 Recap


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Join us to learn more about PagerDuty’s newest innovations in digital operations management that deliver application event intelligence and the end-to-end response orchestration required to mobilize and coordinate response for better software and customer experiences.

During this webinar we will demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • HTML Email Notifications – Responders can see critical details, monitoring graphs, images, and more directly within PagerDuty email notifications, shaving time off the response workflow.
  • Direct Incident Assignment – Enables responders to exercise full control over who an incident is assigned to.
  • Alert Triage – Center resolution workflows around an incident that represents a real, service-impacting problem, redefining how customers intelligently triage and interact with data from their systems to drive down resolution times.
  • Suppression – Suppress non-actionable alerts to mitigate alert noise while retaining insight into leading edge indicators of problems.
  • Operations Command Console and Intelligence Applications – Unify and provide actionable insights on all relevant dimensions of customer experience including performance, infrastructure health, and incident response.
Kieran Galvin | @@GalvOps
Solutions Engineer
Vera Chen | @verachen58
Technical Marketing Manager