In this edition of PagerDuty Pulse, you’ll learn about our newest capabilities, which are oriented around team health and productivity, as well as precise, intuitive, and real-time incident response.

In this webinar, we’ll demo capabilities including the following:

Humanize Your Digital Operations
Gain a profound understanding of your operations infrastructure as seen through the lens of the health of your people and teams. The PagerDuty Operations Health Management Service includes:

  • Algorithmically derived operations health scores
  • Industry and peer benchmarking
  • Health trends over time

Automate and Streamline Incident Response
With a full suite of capabilities that are purpose-built for rapid, precision response, your teams can quickly and accurately mobilize the right people as well as prevent future issues.

  • Mobile liveness UX updates
  • New integration to Atlassian Stride
  • Response plays and automation
  • And much more!

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