Microservices architectures have unleashed unprecedented amounts of application data on organizations. More often than not, there’s no way to correlate data coming from siloed tools that look at only a single part of critical apps or infrastructure, making it difficult to understand the overall health of the digital business, diagnose the root cause when service disruptions occur, and coordinate a response in real time.

With PagerDuty’s Operations Command Console, you can visualize the health of applications, services, and infrastructure while managing incident response workflows all in one place to easily mobilize, coordinate, and orchestrate both technical and business response to incidents.

Discover how the Operations Command Console provides:

  • A single view for full-stack event intelligence and response workflows
  • Interactive and customizable applications for actionable insights
  • Shared context between infrastructure, service health, incidents, and response
  • Pattern and anomaly detection across all your data sources

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