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Resolve Incidents in Real Time with Runbook Automation

Resolve incidents in real time. Reduce escalations. Eliminate toil.

How Does Runbook Automation Benefit You?

Today’s IT and development teams are looking for ways to move faster, protect revenue availability, and push resolution times to zero. To do this, they’re realigning organizational ownership, rolling out tool chains, and engineering away toil. Two areas still remain neglected in this transformation: operations on production systems, and inter-team service requests. When urgent incidents arise on production services, too often the organization has to wait for a specific developer or SME to deploy a fix. For routine IT processes spanning teams, “ticket-time” means lost time waiting by the requester.

Resolving incidents and fulfilling operations requests typically follows steps documented in playbooks or runbooks. What technology teams really need is for this documentation to be automated.

Use Rundeck to enable the right people in your organization to have self-service access to IT operations tasks. Resolve requests incidents in real time. Reduce escalations and interruptions to your developers and subject matter experts.

Move from Manual to Real-Time in your IT Operations.

Automate incident response for real-time resolution.
Use runbook automation to safely delegate corrective operations to incident responders. Provide diagnostic inquiries and remediation and eliminate unnecessary escalations to developers.
Turn tickets into real-time operations.
Democratize access to standard IT procedures with self-service operations. Let engineering and other teams perform approved operations tasks without raising tickets and waiting in queues.
Delegate automation instead of escalating to experts.
Don’t rely on tribal knowledge inside the heads of one or two experts. Create standard operating procedures that enable faster resolution of incidents.
View of Rundeck 3.4 showing different automation steps in the Rundeck workflow.

Get started easily using existing automation

Leverage your existing investments in scripts, tools, API calls or written manual procedures to get started in minutes. No programming needed.
View of custom incident actions menu in PagerDuty showing a Rundeck workflow an operator can invoke.

Invoke automation actions right from within PagerDuty

Automatically resolve known issues by executing runbooks with no human intervention. Give responders diagnostic information automatically collected by Rundeck, all within the PagerDuty incident timeline. Invoke remediation runbooks right from PagerDuty response plays.
Screenshot showing log of prior workflow runs by Rundeck users to provide an audit trail.

Increase compliance and security posture

Gain full compliance oversight, with granular access controls and a complete audit trail of all Rundeck actions. Safely store sensitive security credentials for remote access in Rundeck rather than on insecure laptops.

“We found that TTR [Time to Repair] is reduced by 25 minutes per incident for apps where we use Rundeck than where we don’t.”

Shaun Norris

Global Head, Cloud Infrastructure, Standard Chartered Bank