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IT operations management and strategic response are at the core of business success. They shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why PagerDuty delivers the only end-to-end incident lifecycle solution, intelligently surfacing both the right machine data and human data in real-time so you can rapidly assess, resolve, learn, and improve. By automating the ideal response, your team can eliminate chaos and prevent customer experience issues.

Speed Up Resolution with Event and Human Intelligence

Effective operations requires both machine and human data in a single platform. Only then can incident response be surgically precise, and bring together the right context and resources for fast resolution while preventing unnecessary disruptions. Work your way with 300+ native integrations and workflow extensions with popular monitoring, ticketing, collaboration and ChatOps tools. You can also hook up custom tools via email or API. All events are automatically normalized and grouped, filterable, and routed at the service level instead of in technology silos, so you can easily identify root cause.

Automate and Orchestrate the Ideal Response

Not only do you get rich context and triage, but you can also automate the ideal response. Ensure critical incidents always get handled immediately by the right experts, with on-call management and escalations. Incidents with intelligent context dynamically select the right notification method — SMS, push, email or phone call — based on incident severity. Teams can easily architect the ideal response in peacetime to minimize manual work during wartime, and resolve problems faster than ever with critical information like embedded iframes, images, runbook links, and more.

Engage Stakeholders and Streamline Real-time Collaboration

Respond immediately via an intuitive mobile app, escalate as needed, and sync incident details across a wide variety of tools without having to context switch in the midst of incident response. Recruit experts at any scale while providing them with event details, response notes, automated troubleshooting commands, and more via the click of a button. Teams can also collaborate in real-time using preferred toolchains and workflows, with any conferencing provider, ChatOps tool, and more.

Triage and Focus on What Matters

Intelligently adjust alert and incident behavior at scale so responders can get notified immediately about actionable issues, while non-actionable events automatically get suppressed. Automatically consolidate critical context into a single incident that gets prioritized according to your organization’s priority scheme, to simplify cross-functional handoffs, reduce noise, understand service impact, and speed up response times. As the hub of all your infrastructure and operations data, PagerDuty empowers you to visualize and prevent simmering problems, and quickly assess and resolve issues that do hit.

Powerful Analytics to Improve Operations

It’s never been easier to create a postmortem. Now you can automate timeline creation by simply pointing and clicking to include chat activity and other key incident updates. Our deep dive user, team, and full-stack infrastructure analytics also make it easy to understand patterns in performance across build and production. With postmortems and customizable efficiency reports, you can pinpoint actionable areas for improvement, minimize unplanned work and redundant alert noise, and strengthen future incident response and infrastructure resiliency.

Act on Digital Service and Operational Health

While notifications are important, they’re redundant without uncovering the level of service impact. Integrations in PagerDuty can be grouped to mirror your service architecture, creating a single pane of glass view into application health insights as well as who is working in real time on critical, customer-impacting issues. This delivers the full visibility required for aligning both technical and business incident response. And with the tap of a button, you can mobilize the right people with response best practices across the entire business, provide a critical incident status page, and more. Now you can quickly recover from disruptions while maximizing transparency and trust with customers.

Experience an Award-winning Service

Why choose anyone else when PagerDuty delivers award-winning service with numerous industry and customer validations from small businesses to large enterprises?

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