PagerDuty University

Sept. 6, 2017

Choose from two courses

Hands-on training at Summit: Get your Master’s degree in handling incidents of any size or streamlining your systems for success - pick the course that’s right for you. Plus get the full Summit experience the next day. (Space is extremely limited).


Course 1: Owning Incident Response

Suitable for anyone in a development or operations role. Learn how best-in-class organizations manage major and minor incidents using best practices and PagerDuty to resolve incidents effectively.


Course 2: Improving the On-call Life

Get the most out of PagerDuty and set your organization up for long-term success by configuring PagerDuty the optimal way for your business. Learn about basic and advanced configuration using PagerDuty’s most powerful new features and learn how to measure your effectiveness so you can continually improve.


9:30 am


10:00 am
Class 1

Course 1

Incident Response Fundamentals

What do you do when the unexpected happens and causes customer-impacting downtime? During a major incident when every minute counts, it’s crucial to have a well-defined strategy to come together as a team, work the problem, and get to a solution quickly.

Course 2

PagerDuty Best Practices

How to use PagerDuty the right way! See how top performing organizations use PagerDuty to effectively manage their digital operations workflows.

11:00 am


11:15 am
Class 2

Course 1

Incident Response in PagerDuty

So you know in theory how to manage a major incident? See how PagerDuty puts your strategy into action and learn how to use the PagerDuty platform to orchestrate the most effective response and do an effective postmortem.

Course 2

PagerDuty Extensibility

Go beyond the basics and learn about PagerDuty’s integrations and extensibility options that will enable your team to be more efficient in their digital operations.

  • Integrating custom tools
  • Building an extension
  • Triggering custom logic
12:15 pm


12:45 pm
Class 3

Course 1

$#it Happens: Incident Response Workshop

Experience what happens when things go spectacularly wrong. Go through exercises as a team to apply what you’ve learned to manage a major incident through to resolution.

Course 2

Managing the Noise

Ensure that your team only gets notified for the issues that matter. Eliminate noisy services and alerts from causing you on-call pain.

  • Understanding on-call load
  • Identifying hotspots
  • Reducing the noise
1:45 pm

Office Hours & Networking

PagerDuty University is a part of PagerDuty Summit.

Whether you’re coding or keeping your business’ infrastructure humming - learn exactly what you need to know to reimagine operations for future innovation. Get a full day of best-practices and lessons learned, then join us for the after party.

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