JIRA Cloud Extension Guide

JIRA Software is a project management tool that enables collaboration between teams within an organization. This guide will walk you through the process of configuring the JIRA extension, so that you can create JIRA issues from your PagerDuty incidents.

This extension currently only works with JIRA Cloud for PagerDuty customers on Standard or Enterprise plans. If you’re using JIRA on-premises, check out our JIRA Server extension guide here.

In JIRA Software

Before you can start adding the extension to your services, your JIRA admin must first go to your JIRA instance and add the PagerDuty Add-on as follows:

  1. Find the PagerDuty for Jira Cloud add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace and install it.
  2. After your JIRA admin confirms that the PagerDuty Add-on has been added to your JIRA instance, you can go into PagerDuty to add the JIRA Extension. After you have added the PagerDuty Add-on to your JIRA instance, you have 24 hours to enable to PagerDuty extension.

In PagerDuty

  1. Go to the Configuration menu and select Extensions.
  2. Once you are on the Extensions page, click the Add button next to JIRA. 
  3. Ignore step number 1, as your JIRA admin should have already added the PagerDuty Add-on in JIRA. Go ahead and enter in your JIRA subdomain and click the Connect JIRA Account button.  
  4. To add the JIRA extension to your service(s), select the service(s) you want to add the extension to from the dropdown. Then, select the JIRA project that you want to connect to that PagerDuty service. When you are done, click Connect JIRA Project
  5. A dialog will appear, select the JIRA issue type, and map the PagerDuty Status to your desired JIRA Status. When you are done click Create Test Issue and then click Save (note: a test issue will not actually be created). 
  6. To create a JIRA issue from a PagerDuty incident, go to Configuration > Services > click to your Service. Open one of the incidents on your service.
  7. On the incident details page of your incident, on the right sidebar click Create JIRA Issue
  8. When a JIRA issue has been created, you will see a confirmation message appear, and you can click to View JIRA Issue, which will open the JIRA issue in a new tab.


Can I add configure the JIRA extension with multiple services? 

Yes you can, you can continue to select multiple PagerDuty services in step 4 under the In PagerDuty section.

Is this integration bidirectional?

Yes! You can create JIRA issues from PagerDuty incidents and PagerDuty incidents from JIRA issues.

Can I create JIRA issues or PagerDuty incidents automatically?

No, not at this time. For now, you can manually sync incidents between the two products.

Can I create multiple JIRA issues for the same incident? 

No, only one JIRA issue will be created.

Can I create JIRA issues from resolved PagerDuty incidents?

Yes, but it will create them with status “Done” in JIRA.

I’m getting the error “request was formatted incorrectly” when I try to create a test ticket in JIRA. Why is this?

Check to see which of the fields are set as required in the JIRA project. Note, the integration will populate the project ID, summary, and issue type fields, so if fields other than those are required in the project, the integration will not be able to create tickets.