New, agile technologies have led to increased complexity in today’s IT environments, with more endpoints and data sources than ever before. While more data is great in helping create a holistic view and pinpointing issues more accurately, data that’s not managed correctly turns into chaotic and distracting noise. As such, modern operations teams need to implement an approach that enables them to manage all their events by suppressing non-actionable alerts and correlating related symptoms.

Join us as we showcase real use cases and examples of how to fully manage and control alert and incident behavior at scale in your environment. PagerDuty’s Alert Triage and Suppression capabilities enable customers to reduce noise, prioritize issues, and streamline response.

In this webinar, discover how to:

  • Gain full control and programmatically manage your event data at scale
  • Suppress non-actionable alerts to reduce noise
  • Optimize resolution by consolidating related alert context into a single incident
  • Take advantage of bulk actions and eliminate manual tasks

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