PagerDuty Provides a Platform for Real-Time Operations

When business-impacting issues strike, you have seconds to mobilize a cross-functional response. PagerDuty ensures you’re never caught off guard by collecting data signals from anywhere, interpreting these signals, engaging the right people, and accelerating resolution and learning.

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Our Platform

PagerDuty offers more than on-call management. Our platform can scale for a broad range of use cases or scenarios—fully meeting the needs of enterprises. Gain valuable insights into your team’s performance, the health of your operations, and more.

Our Products

Our platform provides what your organization needs to improve operational efficiency and engagement—driving revenue potential through positive business outcomes.


Drive operational maturity with modern insights combining machine and human response data.

  • Prescriptive Dashboards
  • Metrics Beyond MTTR and MTTA
  • Thought Leadership and Best Practices


Gain unique, actionable, and shared situational awareness into the business impact and status of incidents underway.

  • Business Services Health
  • Business Impact Dashboard
  • Operations Dashboards
  • Real-Time Performance Indicators

Event Intelligence

Manage events at scale, extract signal from the noise, and accelerate triage with machine learning-driven context.

  • Intelligent, Automated Alert Grouping
  • Dynamic Routing to Teams & Services
  • Advanced Event Automation
  • Human-Context Enriched Triage

Modern Incident Response

Engage the right responders & business stakeholders in seconds for effective response to the most critical incidents.

  • Incident Classification
  • Response Automation
  • Business-wide Orchestration
  • Postmortem Learning

On-Call Management

Effectively distribute on-call responsibility by easily configuring custom on-call schedules, rotations, and escalations.

  • Live Call Routing
  • Service and Team Organization
  • Flexible Scheduling and Escalations
  • Mobile App

Enterprise Class

Leverage a platform that is built for scale and enables self-service while meeting requirements.

  • Security and Controls
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Supports ITSM Workflows
  • Globally Redundant Architecture

Works With Over 300 Integrations

Our platform plays well with all your current favorite tools. Be up and running in minutes.

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What is Digital Operations Management?

Timing is everything. Separating important signals from the “noise” of billions of events and orchestrating the right actions in real time is critical for your success. Watch our short video to learn more.

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