PagerDuty for Healthcare

The healthcare ecosystem continues to grow more complex, with new technologies constantly being introduced—as well as increasing vulnerability to threats. Healthcare tech teams must deliver reliable and compliant services, leveraging technology-enabled automation to free up critical time and resources to improve outcomes for patients, physicians, & providers alike.


Improve reliability across the patient journey

Healthcare is increasingly omni-channel as patients demand convenience. Simultaneously, rising healthcare costs are pushing the industry to SaaS to modernize service delivery. PagerDuty’s healthcare solutions help teams reduce unplanned work and improve efficiency across complex environments for reliable digital and physical patient experiences.

Better outcomes, lower costs


Optimize Staffing and Response

Efficiently manage on-call staffing rotations around the clock, and automatically notify IT and medical staff for relevant, critical issues.


Stay Secure and Stay Compliant

Stay secure by creating shared visibility between teams to proactively mobilize, in addition to mitigating risks and improving the security of service delivery.


Modernize Operational Investments

Optimize availability and improve visibility across health IT systems and tools to minimize bottlenecks and focus on innovation that builds patient and provider loyalty.

How real-time operations powers healthcare

Smart, flexible response

Modernize on-call staffing while minimizing burnout and phone tag with precise, automated, and customizable alerting and escalations.

HybridOps visibility and orchestration

Bridge siloed dev, IT, physicians, and other teams across the organization with flexible workflows and special licensing for non-IT stakeholders.

Best-in-class security

Use powerful response automation to align with security regulations, and trust in a platform with strong data, user, and corporate security policies.

The leading innovators in healthcare rely on PagerDuty

Trusted by 150+ healthcare organizations


PagerDuty helps organizations achieve:

$3.48 million annual average benefit due to revenue protection from reduced downtime

27% more productive DevOps teams

$352k risk mitigation

a three-year 795% ROI

with a payback period of 2.1 months

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