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Check out the latest features we've been working on—including event intelligence, machine learning, response automation, on-call management, analytics, integrations, and more.

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See how PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform integrates both machine data and human intelligence—enabling teams to make intelligent real-time decisions, leverage automated precision response, and orchestrate business-wide action when it matters most.


June 2019 Release

Our June 2019 release includes new capabilities and improvements across the PagerDuty Platform, Visibility, Modern Incident Response, and Mobile experience.

While we improved context, automated incident response workflows, enhanced performance, streamlined the user experience, and increased the breadth of use cases, we centered our efforts on delivering a delightful mobile-first experience that puts unique intelligence, automation, and best practices in the palm of your hand.

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PagerDuty Contextual Search

Leverage tags and accelerate searches for PagerDuty objects, including teams, escalation policies, and users. Help your responders and managers easily navigate to the correct response objects to speed incident reassignment. To assist with identifying dotted-line relationships, large organizations can now use tags to add more metadata as context to indirectly related objects.

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PagerDuty Mobile Updates

We continue to invest in capabilities to support the way you want to work! With the PagerDuty Mobile app, you can work wherever you are with the right level of flexibility and management you need—on the go. Take a look at our latest mobile enhancements to check out contextual search for escalation policies, mobile teams, redesigned mobile on-call shifts and schedules, configurable swipe gestures and multi-select workflows, view incident status updates, and add incident responders.

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PagerDuty Visibility Performance Improvements, Liveness, and Sticky Layouts

Enjoy the Visibility Console as its modules load and perform 1.2-3x faster for the average-sized PagerDuty subdomain. Observe the real-time view of operational health and the business impact of incidents in the form of modules that live update, removing the need for manual reloads or auto-refresh workarounds. Now you can navigate away from the console and back—and enjoy the layout changes since they now persist automatically without the need to manually save them!

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New Integrations, Global Event Rules API

New and enhanced integrations with tools such as Cloudability, Demisto, ServiceNow, Slack, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Microsoft SCOM, Cherwell, AWS, Salesforce (coming soon!), and more enable you to maximize visibility across your toolchain and resolve incidents faster. The new global event rules API also allows teams to automate the management of their global event rules.

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One Touch to Join Conference Bridge

The new One Touch to Join Conference Bridge feature allows responders to immediately connect to an incident’s conference bridge directly from their voice notification without having to dial into the bridge themselves––reducing effective time-to-engage and resolution time for major incidents. Visit the knowledge base for more details and speak to your sales representative to try it out!

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PagerDuty’s Solution for HybridOps

Experience how PagerDuty’s platform can act as a hub for real-time operations at the center of enterprise HybridOps. Use PagerDuty’s bidirectional integrations with ITSM and collaboration tools such as ServiceNow and Slack that let teams work the way they want and easily share operational data to break down silos.

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Spring 2019 Release

Our Spring 2019 release provides new improvements across our entire platform, leveraging data, intelligence, and automation at scale. New capabilities in PagerDuty Event Intelligence, Modern Incident Response, Analytics, Visibility, mobile, integrations, and more help teams across the enterprise perform effectively during critical moments.

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What's New in PagerDuty

Check out other great new features you can find in PagerDuty.

PagerDuty + Slack Integration

Work wherever you are. Run a PagerDuty Response Play from a Slack notification and add responders on-the-fly. Drive real-time ops from Slack—create, reassign, escalate, or gather more context about an incident.

PagerDuty + ServiceNow
Certified Integration

Address service management and security incident issues in real time, enabling teams to quickly identify root cause and mitigate threats.

Operations Health
Management Service

Meet operational goals with an offering that uniquely combines data science, benchmarking data, and advisory services.