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Reduce Toil and Response Time with Automation

Reduce Toil and Response Time with Automation

PagerDuty Rundeck Actions speed up incident response through safe, role-based delegation of automation to responders. Choose from a palette of tools to triage, diagnose, mitigate, and remediate an incident. Enjoy fewer escalations and improve safety and quality by increasing approved automation, and reducing manual work.

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  • Align Your Organization with Full Service Ownership

    Align Your Organization with Full Service Ownership

    Dynamic Service Graph allows users to instantly discover, map, and visualize business and technical service dependencies across your digital ecosystem. View the health of your services at a glance, or assess the impact radius of an incident and zero in on probable cause.

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  • Accelerate Root Cause Identification

    Accelerate Root Cause Identification

    Tackle the noise and complexity caused by real time work with Event Intelligence. New in this release, Change Correlation surfaces changes that are the likeliest culprits of incidents, as well as possible contributing factors. Outlier Incidents use historical data to help responders understand whether incidents are anomalous, infrequent, or frequent, and which ones may be more challenging to resolve. And Custom Change Event Transformer turns any change event in any format from any of your integrated tools into a PagerDuty change event.

    Speed Up Enterprise-Wide Response with Customer Service Ops

    Speed Up Enterprise-Wide Response with Customer Service Ops

    PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud, coming soon, provides customer service agents and key stakeholders with a direct line of escalation and mobilization for customer-impacting issues. Leverage a status dashboard and console to drive action and improve customer experiences. Also new, Round Robin Workflows equitably distribute on-call shift responsibilities to achieve round-the-clock coverage. This incident assignment strategy is particularly useful for customer service or central ops teams who need to balance load during an on-call shift due to the high volume of incoming issues.

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  • Streamline Incident Response

    Streamline Incident Response

    Past Incidents on Mobile allows users to view past resolved incidents that have similar metadata and were generated on the same service as the current active incident, giving responders helpful context for more accurate triage and reducing resolution time.

    Priority-based Business Service Subscription allows stakeholders to subscribe to a business service based on incident priority level, providing them with more control over when they get notified, thereby strengthening the response process.

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  • Collaborate Better in Distributed Environments with Chatops

    Collaborate Better in Distributed Environments with Chatops

    Stakeholder Updates for both Slack and MS Teams enable responders to provide incident status updates to subscribers and stakeholders without interrupting incident remediation.

    Slack Insights Previews gives Slack users the ability to share Insights through Slack on an ad hoc basis, improving collaboration and shareability. Responders can also now get Incident Context in MS Teams to help triage faster and coordinate an effective response by leveraging Change Events, Dependencies, Related Incidents and Past Incidents to get the critical context they need.

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  • Enhanced User Interface and Administration

    Enhanced User Interface and Administration

    New Service Create Flow in web UI gives users better command and control of incidents directly from the Service Profile. View all open/resolved incidents, perform bulk actions like acknowledge or resolve, search by incident ID, add and view change integrations, view related escalation policies, and more. Improved Webhooks Delivery provides a webhook format that is much smaller than previous formats to ensure the webhook will not grow arbitrarily large and can be processed quickly without the risk of getting dropped.

    Additionally, Unified Integrations and Admin Console improves integration visibility by providing maintainability and logs access via a common user interface. This unified configuration for all ticketing systems makes it easier to remove dependency off of partner admins, create and maintain integrations within PagerDuty, and replicate configurations across multiple teams.

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  • EU Service Region

    EU Service Region

    EU customers now have access to a regionally hosted PagerDuty, as robust, highly available, and secure as our domestic US presence. This enables customers to isolate their use of PagerDuty and their data in-region, and allow them to be compliant with EU data protection and retention laws.

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