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Stakeholder Engagement

The new Stakeholder user license makes it easy for stakeholders across the business to stay engaged during major IT incidents. With self-service incident subscription and notifications, you can ensure your cross-functional teams are equipped with the right information in real-time to improve organization-wide response.

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Operations Command Console

Visualize the health of applications, services, infrastructure and manage incident response workflows all in one place. Interactive applications provide actionable full-stack visibility required to mobilize, coordinate and orchestrate both technical and business response to service disruptions and customer experience.

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Infrastructure Health Application

Obtain a comprehensive view of the health of your entire infrastructure with actionable, time-series visualizations of correlated events — vital for identifying anomalies, events, and establishing root cause.

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Intelligently adjust notification behavior and mitigate alert noise. Ingest any event in any format and suppress non-actionable alerts to reduce mean time to identification.

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What’s New in PagerDuty

Check out other great new features you can find in PagerDuty.

Live Call Routing

Reach your on-call teams immediately by simply calling a phone number. Inbound calls get routed via the same on-call schedules and escalation policies you use for your monitoring alerts, so anyone can reach the right responder immediately.

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Alert Triage

Group related alerts to consolidate critical context into a single incident. Receive significantly fewer notifications and address related issues with the right information.

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HTML Email Notifications

Get rich and valuable context immediately with HTML email notifications. See critical details, monitoring graphs, images, and more directly within your PagerDuty email notifications, enabling your team to shave time off the response workflow.

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