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Transform incident management with PagerDuty

We’re combining capabilities from our Jeli acquisition with our latest incident management innovations into a single end-to-end offering that helps customers tackle incident management transformation initiatives. The new Enterprise plan for Incident Management provides a unified platform that eliminates guesswork with built-in automation and intelligence to guide remediation throughout the incident lifecycle.

Build intelligent automation based on historical context

New variables in Event Orchestration can inform other tools and processes for a faster, more targeted incident response. Unlock dynamic event processing, detection and correlation, and more refined end-to-end event-driven automation.

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access. AIOps customers only.

Unifying the analytics experience

The new Analytics Dashboard brings streamlined access to all Analytics reports in one cohesive experience, with improved navigation for deeper analysis. Easily monitor key metrics and access detailed Operational Reviews for proactive operational improvements.

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access.

Reduce noise across services

Global Alert Grouping allows organizations to reduce noise across one or multiple services by using content-based alert grouping with a flexible time window. With this new AIOps feature, teams can experience fewer incidents, improve MTTR by distilling the signal from the noise, and have a better understanding of the incident scope.

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access. AIOps customers only.

Save time and remove toil from post-incident analysis

With the click of a button, AI-generated Incident Postmortems create a comprehensive summary of what happened, when, how it was resolved, and key actions for next time. Automatically collect and collate incident data (including logs, metrics, and relevant Slack or Microsoft Teams conversations).

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access.

Status updates drafted for you by GenAI

Stop wasting time on coming up with what to say about an incident. AI-generated Status Updates collect and collate all the details related to an incident for you, making it easy for responders to keep internal stakeholders and executives in the loop.

Democratize Automation with AI-Generated Runbooks

AI-generated Runbooks (public beta) help you automate more, faster, by transforming plain-English prompts into automation, significantly reducing development time and broadening organizational access. From provisioning to access management, teams can efficiently construct common automations with ease using AI-Generated Runbooks.

Simplify adoption of Automation for the PagerDuty Operations Cloud

Runbook Automation Add-on provides new platform pricing for PagerDuty Operations Cloud users who wish to add Runbook Automation for incident remediation. PagerDuty Runbook Automation facilitates authoring, delegation, and execution of automation jobs. It seamlessly connects AIOps, incident responders, and customer service agents to predefined jobs for incident diagnostics, triage, and remediation. IT teams can also use Runbook Automation for managing systems and infrastructure.

  • This blog explains how you can get started with Runbook Automation Add-on.

It’s easier than ever to design Incident Workflows

You can now automatically trigger diagnostic and remediation using PagerDuty Runbook Automation and Process Automation. Integrating automation directly within the workflows can expedite the resolution or mitigation of incidents. We’ve also introduced Incident Workflow Templates to provide teams with a helpful starting point so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Empower customer service agents

Agents can now validate customer impacting issues by running automated actions directly from the PagerDuty app in Service cloud. This will reduce resolution time, as well as the number of incidents escalated to the back-end teams.

Introducing Slack as a Contact Method

Teams can now choose to use chat apps as a contact method for incident response! The first collaboration tool available for this functionality is Slack. Requires Slack integration.

  • Generally available as of November 30th, 2023

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