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Automation Standardization and Center of Excellence

Drive automation at scale. Operate as a modern digital enterprise.

Bridge automation silos

Adopting automation unlocks operational efficiencies. But today's technology teams are managing islands of automation using disconnected tools, legacy processes, and a multitude of environments. Maximize the benefit of automation investments by implementing an orchestration platform with self-service and standardization.

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Supercharge operational efficiency

Enable adoption of automation at scale. Equip business and technical teams with easy-to-use, self-service tooling to drive operational efficiency. Operate as a leader in automation across the digital enterprise.

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Drive digital transformation

Automate repetitive tasks to enable faster decision-making. Streamline automation processes to ensure consistency across teams, tools, and environments. Leverage automation to boost efficiency and enhance agility.

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Maximize the ROI of existing investments

Implement automation standards while giving teams autonomy in tool selection. Align initiatives by establishing an Automation COE. Develop end-to-end solutions that maximize the value of existing investments.

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“The return we’ve gotten using PagerDuty Process Automation is phenomenal. We can track ROI on the effort that we put in as a team, and use the data to make business decisions about resource sharing across departments.”

Andy Slater

Observability Platform Enablement Lead, Specsavers

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