PagerDuty Has You Covered with 200+ Built-in Integrations and Extensions

Email Integration

Email integration is a breeze. Create a new email integration in PagerDuty, with its own email address, then configure your system to send email to that address.

Custom API

API integration is even better than email. If your system can make a simple HTTP call or run a command-line script, you’ve got it made.

PagerDuty Agent

Our Agent is a command-line tool to better integrate your systems with PagerDuty.

PD Agent
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Connect with any tool that provides incoming event data.


Extend the PagerDuty workflow to your existing tools.

  • Popular
  • API Management
  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Collaboration/Chat
  • Community/Open-Source
  • Customer Support
  • Error Tracking
  • Event Processing
  • Identity
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • IT Service Management
  • Log Management
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Status/dashboards
  • Web Monitoring
  • All