Real-Time HybridOps With PagerDuty and ServiceNow

The PagerDuty + ServiceNow certified integration takes a HybridOps approach to digital transformation: ServiceNow teams with multiple operating models can collaborate more effectively to address critical incidents in real-time. Teams can engage incident responders and track updates as they happen from ServiceNow—delivering “work-where-you-are” functionality and powerful DevOps workflows to every IT Ops team, including central IT and NOC. Take action to restore service and mitigate threats without leaving the ServiceNow interface, reducing mean time to resolution while minimizing the impact of digital disruptions.

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Shift From Queued to Real-Time Digital Operations

Real-Time Response
Drive incident response—and track status in real time—from ServiceNow. Easily recruit additional responders and automate escalations.
Connect People
Automatically initiate a team conference bridge with PagerDuty's one touch to join capabilities.
Always Reach the Right Team
Synchronize ServiceNow assignment groups and users with PagerDuty groups and escalation policies to ensure the right teams are alerted every time.
Leverage IT Tools
Connect to the existing services and applications in your CMDB and service hierarchy plus 700+ PagerDuty integrations.
Configuration Control
Customizable field mappings, easy on-boarding of PagerDuty users with appropriate roles and permissions.
System of Record Sync
Full bidirectional sync to the system of record allows teams to capture full, precise records of actions in ServiceNow incident history.
Work Where You Are
Native ServiceNow integration means teams can augment their operational data set without leaving the ServiceNow interface.
Beyond IT Incidents
Drive security incident response, emergency change requests, and other critical workflows requiring real-time engagement.
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PagerDuty for Customer Service in ServiceNow CSM

PagerDuty Customer Service Operations in ServiceNow CSM delivers real-time visibility into active incidents fright from ServiceNow. The application enables better response, better cross-team collaboration, and proactive customer communications. Connecting people, operations, and data in real-time.

"PagerDuty gets the right people engaged at the right time, all in one push of a button."

Rachel Watson, Head of Service Operations—SkyBet



PagerDuty is available in the ServiceNow Marketplace

PagerDuty is one of only five Gold ServiceNow Technology Partners and is available in the ServiceNow Marketplace.

PagerDuty’s native ServiceNow integration means teams can augment their operational data set without leaving the familiar ServiceNow interface that they are comfortable using. Leverage our powerful incident response functionality from within ServiceNow or in PagerDuty itself and “work where you are.”

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