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Remote-Location Operations Automation

Deliver consistent customer experiences. Automate operational workflows across remote physical locations. Quickly address service issues to minimize in-store disruptions.

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Streamline remote operations

Inconsistent in-store experiences create risk to brand reputation and revenue. Automate critical workflows to streamline operations and minimize customer-facing service disruptions. Maintain hardware and applications across remote locations. Enforce security standards for managing technology. Reduce costs by automatically rolling out updates and repairs across the organization’s physical footprint.

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Modernize remote operations

Implement automation across remote locations with minimal operational impact. Easily integrate with legacy and modern technology, applications, and infrastructure. Deploy automation across locations simultaneously. Equip front-line responders and support staff with automation tools.

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Minimize service disruptions

Correlate incident data across multiple locations and disparate tools. Quickly identify disruptions requiring human intervention and automatically notify the right responders. Auto-remediate known issues to minimize risk. Empower self-service automation to resolve issues impacting multiple remote locations.

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Reduce operational costs

Reduce costs by automating routine manual tasks. Centrally deploy updates and repairs across remote locations. Securely automate service operations following best practices to ensure consistency. Accelerate the adoption of new technology to drive future revenue growth.

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“The technical debt isn’t consistent – we have different generations of technology within almost every store. Our software deployment teams rely heavily on Runbook Automation to manage this complexity and improve efficiencies.”

Andy Slater

Observability Platform Enablement Lead, Specsavers

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