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Customer Experience Operations

Sustain seamless customer experiences. Connect teams during critical incidents.
Coordinate rapid responses and bridge the gap between support and engineering teams.

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Deliver seamless digital customer experiences

Customers expect flawless digital experiences, yet they’re often the ones who find and alert companies to issues. Minimize risk by automating incident discovery across monitoring tools and social channels. Protect brand reputation by coordinating responses between customer service and technical teams. Maintain confidence by automating status updates to stakeholders throughout the incident lifecycle.

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Coordinate a consistent customer response

Coordinate customer response across teams. Give support teams access to the same tools as technical peers for visibility into IT issues. Enrich CRM and service desk tools with information on ticket status.

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Sustain seamless customer experiences

Minimize the impact incidents have on customers. Automate correlation of data from various sources to discover developing issues. Deliver seamless customer experiences to drive brand reputation and revenue.

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Drive alignment during incidents

Keep stakeholders informed with the most relevant information across the incident lifecycle. Align teams on next steps and customer response. Reduce reliance on manual processes for status updates and post-incident analysis.

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“We leverage PagerDuty to provide exceptional customer support. We use reporting for pay, as well as keeping ourselves honest on how we do, as trust through transparency is a core value of our company.”

Gadi Vered

Senior VP, Global Support and Implementation, OwnBackup

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