PagerDuty for Nonprofits

In today’s digital economy, seconds matter. Nowhere does that ring more true than for mission-driven organizations, where seconds are a matter of life and death, and where service reliability can make or break access to suicide and safety hotlines, disaster relief, time-critical healthcare, food stamps, and more. That’s where real-time operations comes in.


Deliver on your mission in real time, all the time

Today, nonprofit teams must deliver on their missions and ensure access to critical technology-enabled services around the clock, but can be heavily constrained by tight resources. Mission-driven organizations need a flexible, out-of-the-box solution for critical, real-time response across DevOps, Security, Comms, and more.

Real-time Operations for Good

Crisis Response That Never Sleeps

Confidently ensure real-time responses to any human-reported issue with flexible on-call management, automated escalations, and live call routing.

One Platform,
Many Use Cases

Teams across the organization can easily use PagerDuty’s flexible platform across real-time use cases such as crisis response, IT or IoT issue resolution, and much more.

Prevent Downtime, Maximize Impact

Machine learning-enriched context and powerful response automation help teams learn and prevent disruptions and deliver reliable services to better meet constituent demands.

"As a result of using PagerDuty, our IT team’s incident escalation and response process is reduced by roughly one hour for every urgent issue. Those vital minutes that we get back translate into an additional 10 human trafficking victims who we are able to serve each month."

Nancy McGuire-Choi
Chief Operating Officer, Polaris

Nancy McGuire-Choi

Taking Real-Time Action with PagerDuty to Prevent Human Trafficking

Polaris uses PagerDuty’s Live Call Routing and Modern Incident Response to prevent any technical glitches that could delay advocates from being able to quickly connect human trafficking victims with critical services.


How Real-Time Operations Powers Nonprofits

Unique Benefits & Pricing

Nonprofit organizations receive special, discounted licensing through our Impact Pricing program, as well as complimentary access to industry-leading events.

Organization-wide Orchestration

Live call routing forwards calls to on-call staff, and IT and cross-functional stakeholders are automatically aligned to do what’s right for constituents.

Ease of Use & Extensibility

300+ self-service integrations as well as open API’s ensure rapid time-to-value, with out-of-the-box access and actionability of all your data

Community for Best Practices & Learning

Take advantage of customized learning programs for nonprofits, and arm your team with incident response practices based on NIMS/ICS standards.

Trusted by the Leading Nonprofit Innovators

PagerDuty is trusted by 200+ nonprofit organizations

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