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In today’s digital economy, seconds matter. Nowhere does that ring more true than for mission-driven organizations, where seconds are a matter of life and death, and where service reliability can make or break access to suicide and safety hotlines, disaster relief, time-critical healthcare, food stamps, and more. That’s where real-time operations comes in.


Deliver on your mission in real time, all the time

Today, nonprofit teams must deliver on their missions and ensure access to critical technology-enabled services around the clock, but can be heavily constrained by tight resources. Mission-driven organizations need a flexible, out-of-the-box solution for critical, real-time response across DevOps, Security, Comms, and more.


Crisis Response That Never Sleeps

Confidently ensure real-time responses to any human-reported issue with flexible on-call management, automated escalations, and live call routing.


One Platform, Many Use Cases

Teams across the organization can easily use PagerDuty’s flexible platform across real-time use cases such as crisis response, IT or IoT issue resolution, and much more.


Prevent Downtime, Maximize Impact

Machine learning-enriched context and powerful response automation help teams learn and prevent disruptions and deliver reliable services to better meet constituent demands.

How Real-Time Operations Powers Nonprofits

Unique Benefits & Pricing

Nonprofit organizations receive special, discounted licensing through our Impact Pricing program, as well as complimentary access to industry-leading events.

Ease of Use & Extensibility

500+ self-service integrations as well as open API’s ensure rapid time-to-value, with out-of-the-box access and actionability of all your data

Organization-wide Orchestration

Live call routing forwards calls to on-call staff, and IT and cross-functional stakeholders are automatically aligned to do what’s right for constituents.

Community for Best Practices & Learning

Take advantage of customized learning programs for nonprofits, and arm your team with incident response practices based on NIMS/ICS standards.

Trusted by the Leading Nonprofit Innovators

PagerDuty is trusted by 200+ nonprofit organizations


PagerDuty helps organizations achieve:

$3.48 million annual average benefit due to revenue protection from reduced downtime

27% more productive DevOps teams

$352k risk mitigation

a three-year 795% ROI

with a payback period of 2.1 months

IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by PagerDuty. PagerDuty Helps Organizations Optimize Their Digital Operations Management, doc #US47011820, January 2021

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