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Scaled Service Ownership

Build better customer experiences. Promote cross-team collaboration and accountability. Scale DevOps processes and workflows.

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Promote accountability and cross-team collaboration

Technical debt, inconsistent processes, and tool proliferation inhibit operational efficiency. Scale service ownership to promote accountability, continuous improvement, and cross-team collaboration. Standardize practices to ensure consistency and faster resolution. Empower teams to do their best work by automating repetitive tasks and focusing time on innovation.

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Scale DevOps processes

Take a modern approach to enterprise incident management. Standardize incident workflows to ensure consistency and efficiency. Gain visibility into the end-to-end incident lifecycle to streamline alerting processes, automate remediation and triage, and gather insights from past events.

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Promote accountability and blameless culture

Empower responders with clear roles and tasks. Foster accountability, continuous improvement, and closer alignment through. Automate incident analysis to gather learnings and promote blameless culture. Learn from incidents to drive continuous improvement.

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Protect team bandwidth

Reduce alert fatigue by deflecting system noise and ensuring responders only receive alerts for critical events requiring human intervention. Auto-remediate the resolution of known issues. Automate communication with stakeholders to ensure they have the most relevant information while protecting team bandwidth.

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“Our business has an ever-growing need to deliver new products and features more quickly. We don't want the growth of our team and complexity of our operations to grow linearly with the growth of our business. We need to do more without scaling our operating costs.”

Colin Lewis

Head of Core Engineering, IAG Loyalty

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