What is Digital Operations Management

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As digital services become the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, mobilizing the right people in real-time to protect the quality of the digital experience is crucial for success. Organizations have seconds, not hours, to solve digital problems — otherwise suffer growing volumes of lost transactions and dollars, churned customers, exposure to breaches, and lost employee productivity.

That's where Digital Operations Management comes in. It collects signals from any source, then applies advanced analytics, machine learning, and end-to-end incident lifecycle automation so people can mobilize, resolve, and prevent disruptions fast. As the disruptive new paradigm for operations, it transforms any signal into real-time insight and precise, orchestrated action.

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With Digital Operations Management, any function in the business can become proactive instead of reactive — from DevOps, to ITOps, Support Ops, BizOps, and beyond. By integrating the power of data, automation, and best practices, businesses can optimize operations and deliver amazing customer experiences.

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“We build and operate what we own...PagerDuty really helped increased the autonomy for our teams.”

— Bruce Wong
Engineering Manager, Twilio

Over 11,000 customers across the world are using PagerDuty’s Digital Operations Management platform to transform their operations across many different use cases.

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