PagerDuty for
Government and Education

State and local government and education (SLED) agencies are adopting shared services and new technologies in mobility and the cloud to achieve cost efficiencies while improving constituent experiences. PagerDuty helps SLED IT teams gain visibility across hybrid cloud infrastructure, and take real-time action to improve quality and access to public services.

Streamline state and local IT transformation

Today’s citizens expect digital access to critical services such as paying utilities bills, applying for financial aid, and much more. Yet, SLED agencies face significant challenges to digital transformation, including tight budget constraints, aging legacy infrastructure, and cybersecurity risks. SLED IT teams need a solution that maximizes operational efficiency to improve the reliability of technology-enabled services.

Achieve mission objectives with reliable constituent services

Improve Operational Efficiency

Focus and prioritize work with intelligent noise reduction and automated mobilization to improve operational efficiency in light of budget constraints.

Protect Constituents, Mitigate Risk

Improve crisis management with the precise automation of complex incident scenarios to protect digital and physical citizen safety and comply with regulatory requirements.

Optimize Reliability Across Systems

Provide constituents with reliable digital services by proactively resolving issues using context on systems health, IT personnel response, and real-time impact.

How real-time operations powers the public sector

Proactive incident automation

Automate best-practice incident plays such as real-time team mobilization, remediation tasks, and status communications at scale.

Best-in-class security

Mitigate cybersecurity attacks with DevSecOps, and trust in a platform with robust security policies such as advanced data encryption, SSO, and more.

Impact visibility

Align IT and agency stakeholders around the impact of critical disruptions on constituents as well as IT personnel and organizational costs.

Robust integrations

Get complete visibility across systems with 500+ integrations to tools across IT monitoring, ITSM and ticketing, IoT sensors, and beyond.

Leading state and local agencies rely on PagerDuty

PagerDuty is trusted by 200+ SLED organizations



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