PagerDuty for Government and Education

Over 200 governmental and educational institutions trust PagerDuty to help them transform their IT systems to improve service delivery and increase operational efficiencies. PagerDuty partners with Carahsoft, and many other leading channel partners to streamline on-call notification and incident response and to bring digital operations management to life.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation in Government

Citizens utilize mobile and consumer-facing applications in everyday life—so it’s to be expected that your constituents are expecting seamless access and high availability of services, such as making payments or applying for benefits and financial aid, via online portals than ever before. Local agencies need to arm their development and IT teams with tools to transform the government and education technology ecosystem. Their platforms must provide a variety of automation capabilities such as machine learning and be integrated with the widest variety of applications and services used across the organization in order to support mission critical operations.

Modernize IT for Improved Citizen & Student Engagement


Minimize Downtime to Critical Digital Services

Constituents are demanding 24/7 access to important services like online DMV registrations, unemployment benefits, permit and licensing, and financial aid applications online. Ensuring availability of these critical services requires visibility and control of infrastructure, along with clear escalation policies for the teams responsible for bringing services back online when incidents or downtime occur.


Reduce Noise and Prioritize Alerts

Small teams supporting hybrid systems and multi-cloud environments of increasing complexity can cause alert fatigue and employee burnout. Improve responder morale and combat attrition with an intelligent system that can suppress known alerts that aren’t a threat, correlate events, and reduce noise so that responders never miss a critical issue.


Optimize for Cost and Operational Efficiency

With limited resourcing, consider tools and platforms that offer built-in automation to minimize manual tasks and streamline work for your teams so they can spend less time on firefighting and more time driving innovation.

Why public sector and education choose PagerDuty

Improve service delivery

Engage employees and constituents by ensuring reliable digital experiences managed with a platform to keep your systems and applications running seamlessly with minimal downtime.

Increase operational efficiency

Leverage automation and machine-learning to improve visibility across the stack. This provides real-time situational awareness and condenses the incident response lifecycle. This will reduce alert fatigue because smart incident response processes can reduce false positives and point teams toward the incidents that really matter.

Accelerate digital innovation while controlling costs

Utilize best practices for on-call management, incident response, and digital operations maturity. This allows IT staff to move beyond “keeping the lights on” and devote more time and resources to the development of new constituent services.

Create a culture of autonomy and full-service ownership

IT transformation is a change management exercise in culture as much as it is in technology. The visibility of PagerDuty’s real-time operations platform allows IT teams to truly own projects and quantitatively demonstrate their impact on the mission.

Leading state and local agencies rely on PagerDuty

PagerDuty is trusted by 200+ SLED organizations


PagerDuty helps organizations achieve:

$3.48 million annual average benefit due to revenue protection from reduced downtime

27% more productive DevOps teams

$352k risk mitigation

a three-year 795% ROI

with a payback period of 2.1 months

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