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PagerDuty Secures Veterans Affairs ATO, Sets Sights on FedRAMP® Authorization

We are thrilled to announce that as of March 22, 2024, PagerDuty has been approved for Veterans Affairs ATO (Authority to Operate) and has advanced to “In PMO Review” status on the FedRAMP Marketplace. This marks a significant milestone as we continue on the path to obtaining the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Low Authorization later this year. This accomplishment underscores our unwavering dedication to security and excellence, reinforcing our promise of trust and reliability to our customers.

What is FedRAMP authorization?

FedRAMP is a federal government-wide program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services by providing a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of cloud products and services. This program aims to ensure all federal data is securely stored, processed, and accessed in a cloud environment, thus facilitating the move from traditional, on-premises IT to more scalable, efficient, and secure cloud-based solutions.

Security as a requirement

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, security is the cornerstone of any successful cloud-native business and operation. The increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the complexity of regulatory requirements demand a proactive and robust approach to security. Here’s why security matters more than ever:

  • Trust and compliance: Data breaches can tarnish reputations in the moment. Ensuring the security of operations is crucial for building trust with your customers, complying with stringent regulations, and protecting your business and customers’ data.
  • Operational resilience: A secure digital operation framework enhances the resilience of your business against cyber threats, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuous service delivery.
  • Innovation and growth: A secure environment fosters innovation by providing a safe space for experimenting and developing new services. It also facilitates growth by opening up new markets with strict regulatory requirements.
  • Commitment to excellence: PagerDuty’s FedRAMP environment covers our entire US service region. It ensures our customers get the highest compliance and data protection standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

How PagerDuty’s latest achievement empowers your business

The Veterans Affairs ATO and the impending FedRAMP Low Authorization are significant achievements for PagerDuty and our customers. Here’s why this is a game-changer for your digital operations:

  • Enhanced security posture: PagerDuty ensures that best-in-class security practices and technologies protect your digital operations by adhering to some of the most rigorous security standards.
  • Streamline compliance: Leveraging a platform that meets the stringent requirements of federal programs simplifies your compliance journey, saving you time and resources.
  • Expand access to services: This accomplishment opens up new avenues for organizations operating in or aiming to engage with the federal sector, ensuring they can leverage PagerDuty’s services without compromising security.
  • Achieve FedRAMP certification faster: Having PagerDuty as part of your digital operations will accelerate your business process towards FedRAMP.

Looking ahead: a future secured with PagerDuty

As we progress towards obtaining the FedRAMP Authorization, our commitment to elevating the security and efficiency of digital operations has never been stronger. This journey reflects our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding our customers’ security expectations across all sectors. Our ultimate goal is to establish a secure and resilient digital ecosystem where businesses can flourish without constraints.

As we celebrate this milestone, we must recognize that FedRAMP is not a one-off event but an ongoing journey of improvement, compliance, and overall risk management that we uphold for our customers and ourselves. Our Low Authorization is merely the starting point, and we will continue pursuing even higher levels of security and innovation in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates on our FedRAMP Authorization journey and how we continue to empower businesses to make their digital operations more secure, resilient, and efficient.

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