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A Menagerie of DevOps Habits, Part 1

As many of us settle into our careers, we fall into habits—some are conscious and we know we’re doing them, but we’re just not actively…

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Collaborating to Build Secure, Maintainable Systems

I’ve built and taught others about building systems of many kinds—as a mathematician and teacher, and more recently as a security engineer in the last…

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Side Quests For Work: The Main Quest Can Wait (Sometimes)

In video game parlance, a side quest is a little diversion that you do while ignoring that you should actually be saving the world. In…

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English Linguistic Imperialism in Programming

Many are likely familiar with the “American tourist” stereotype, where Americans visit different countries around the world, yet insist on imposing American culture on everyone,…

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Elixir at PagerDuty: Faster Processing with Stateful Services

One of the core pieces of PagerDuty is sending users incident notifications. But not just any notifications—they need to be the right notifications at the…

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3 Takeaways From Running a Remote-Friendly HackWeek During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This piece is co-authored by: Derek Ralston, Agile Coach, and Charlotte Sarfati, Technical Support Engineer. Charlotte and Derek worked together on PagerDuty’s cross-functional HackWeek committee….

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Writing Intelligent Health Checks for Kafka Services

Health checks are vital for maintaining resiliency and ensuring continuous operations of any system. In an ideal world, health checks should be able to detect…

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Cultivating Engineering Leadership at PagerDuty

At PagerDuty, taking the lead is a key value, and we are always looking for opportunities to cultivate leadership within our engineering group. One of…

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Making Better Decisions With Athena and S3

In a world of highly complex systems, it isn’t uncommon to use different data storage technologies and mechanisms for different purposes, as each technology has…

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PagerDuty Engineering’s Career Development Philosophy

This post is written for engineering leaders who are responsible for building on and maintaining their company’s engineering career track. It’s meant to provide a…

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Using PagerDuty for Aquaponics: Upward Farms Implementation Guide

Upward Farms’ mission is to radically elevate the world’s fresh food supply by setting new standards for safety, quality, and cost. The company operates complete…

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Actionable Kanban Team Metrics: The What, Why, and How

As an Agile Coach at PagerDuty, one aspect of my job is to help teams refresh their processes when they’re no longer working for them….

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How We Evolved Our Tech Interview Process at PagerDuty

In a tech interview, the relationship between the candidate and the company is a two way street; applicants seek exciting companies in the same way…

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Reducing Operational Noise by Diving into a Legacy System

In a story that will sound all too familiar to many developers, in early 2019, I picked up a Kanban ticket to update a legacy…

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The How and Why of Using Terraform With PagerDuty

Infrastructure as Code As infrastructure stacks grow increasingly more complex and involve an ever-growing number of services and systems, teams have looked to abstract configuration…

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Tracking Down an ETS-Related Memory Leak

ETS will hold references to large binaries, even if just part of the original binary is stored in a table. Copy binaries if pieces of…

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Why Your Engineering Teams Need Incident Commanders

In any fast-paced engineering environment, unexpected incidents can arise and escalate without warning. Effective leadership is key when this happens since coordination and decision-making across…

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Finding a Golden Ticket

At PagerDuty, we’ve been doing Kanban for a while now, and as an Engineering Manager who has managed several teams over my tenure, I wanted…

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