Up Your Coaching Game with User Reporting

- September 29, 2015

Introducing User Reporting, the latest addition to PagerDuty’s Advanced Analytics suite. User Reporting helps managers and teams understand how individual team members are responding to incidents. Now managers can see how many incidents each responder has received, acknowledged, reassigned, or moved up the chain of command due to non-acknowledgement. With this information, managers can work with their teams to make sure every team member is in the right position and that workload is spread properly across the team.

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Make Some Noise with Our Custom Alert Sound Contest @pagerduty @AWSreinvent #PickYourPage

- September 15, 2015

We’re excited to announce our first-ever custom alert sound contest! Beginning September 21, 2015, we will accept submissions for a chance to be included as an alert sound in our mobile app. We have a great community, and we want to see them get creative. Or ironic. Or immature. Songs, clever noises, avant-garde recordings of one hand clapping – all are welcome. Send your best creation to pickyourpage@pagerduty.com.

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Incidents with a Volume Knob: Introducing Incident Urgencies!

- September 10, 2015

We know that alert fatigue is a big concern for our users. When everything is important, nothing is important. But “non-critical” is not the same thing as “insignificant”; in fact, non-critical issues are often indicative of a larger problem down the road. So now, with Incident Urgencies, users can confidently track all events, and only get woken up for the most important ones.
A big part of what has made PagerDuty useful for our customers is analytics, and being able to see what’s going on with events across all of their systems and monitoring tools. Keeping non-critical events out of PagerDuty means those analytics are only telling part of the story. And the more data you have, the easier it is to prevent incidents from occurring in the future.

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Why VPs Should Care About Engineer Burnout

- September 8, 2015

Too many companies take the happiness of their engineers for granted. This is a huge mistake, especially since engineers are doing important work for your company: building your product, and then keeping it up-to-date and functioning. Their morale has a direct influence on their performance, and, by extension, your product. Part of the DevOps ethos is getting engineers working together better, smarter, and happier. But why should executives care about that?

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The Most Adorable On-Call Tale There Ever Was…

- September 2, 2015

_MG_1759 3-edit-2

One day, Ethan, whose dad works at Altiscale, heard a sweet song. It was an infectious tune; he couldn’t get it out of his head. Over and over, he heard this song, wafting again and again from his father’s phone. What was this magnificent melody? When would it play again? The song was, technically speaking, a PagerDuty alert: a jingle by the name of “You Made the Server Cry,” recorded Barbershop Quartet-style by some of PagerDuty’s more musical employees. Five-year-old Ethan thought the song was so amazing, he found himself singing it all the time. Pretty soon, he was making up his own PagerDuty alert sounds, and came up with a ditty called, “Something’s Broken,” sung to the tune of “Frère Jacques.” His dad decided to record it and submit it to us as a custom alert sound.

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Do You Need Your Ticketing System for Real-Time Incident Management?

- August 27, 2015

Using ticket systems can be fraught with issues: a clunky workflow, mired in process, means that users can’t always move and adapt quickly. While ticketing systems are a great way to manage a ticket queue of ongoing requests, we’ve noticed that many operationally mature companies stay away from ticketing systems for their real-time incident management. Instead, they are using a more lightweight solution, like PagerDuty. A lightweight solution, with a focus on automation, allows them to be more agile, and get things done faster.

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Three Ways to Ramp Up Your Enterprise IT Operations Management

- August 23, 2015

As indicated in a survey conducted by Forrester Research, a well-constructed IT Operations management system provides fast alert notification, keeps business-critical incidences from occurring at a minimum, and focuses on automation as a way of addressing issues. What we are actually seeing in the field today, however, doesn’t seem to line up with this approach. According to a recent Forrester thought leadership paper, incident resolution practices today are tactical, reactive, and harm commercial success. Listed below are some observations we are seeing with IT Organizations in the Enterprise.

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It’s a Match! Swipe Incidents with PagerDuty Mobile App Update

- August 20, 2015


We’re pleased to announce our fourth major mobile release, which brings some significant improvements to the performance and usability of key parts of the app. With all these changes, it’s faster and easier than ever to see, investigate, and take action on problems in your system — driving down resolution time and helping your team improve your operations performance.

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