Eliminate Alert Fatigue with PagerDuty and Event Enrichment

- March 5, 2015


We, as IT professionals, have ever-expanding access to more accurate Ops telemetry. With this data, we have an incredible amount of visibility into what’s going on. However, more information isn’t always a good thing when it comes to alerting. You can definitely have too many alerts, and alert fatigue is a growing problem among Operations teams. More detailed telemetry isn’t bad; it’s just that much of this information is generally better suited for forensics rather than alerting. Event Enrichment and PagerDuty team up to help you battle alert fatigue.

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Calculating your Incident Management ROI

- March 3, 2015

Outages are typically expensive for your business, not to mention a headache for your team. Improving your processes and tools for responding to critical incidents can generate a lot of business value. However, you may be wondering how to prioritize projects and investments, or you may be asked by business stakeholders to justify the costs of new initiatives. Return on Investment (ROI) is one way to do that, but it can be difficult to determine. While the answer is unique to each company, we’ll share a few different approaches to calculating your incident management ROI.

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New! PagerDuty and Evident.io Integration

- February 17, 2015

Streamline AWS Security Management with PagerDuty and Evident.io This is a guest blog post by John Martinez, Principal Solution Architect at Evident.io. At Evident.io, one of our core beliefs is that security tools should be simple to use and make the job of security teams easier, not harder. One of the ways we do that […]

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New! Fully Native Mobile Apps & Ack from Push

- February 11, 2015


Making mobile incident response even easier More and more, responders are using the PagerDuty mobile app as their first response tool to critical incidents. Just this past fall, push overtook email as our most popular alerting method, and customers continue to tell us our mobile app is one of their favorite parts of PagerDuty. We’ve […]

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Announcing the PagerDuty & Dynatrace Integration

- February 9, 2015

Proactively Manage Application Performance with PagerDuty & Dynatrace We’re excited to announce a new integration with Dynatrace, a class-leading Application Performance Management (APM) solution. With Dynatrace’s PagerDuty plug-in, you can be notified about incidents when they occur. This enables a proactive APM experience and further reduced MTTR. How it Works Dynatrace monitors your entire application delivery […]

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New! Log in to PagerDuty with Google

- February 5, 2015

Last year, we launched Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it easier and more secure to manage your PagerDuty users. We’re excited to add Google Apps as an SSO partner alongside Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Active Directory, and more. Get the details in this post.

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5 Reasons to Ditch Email Alerts

- February 4, 2015


Want to improve your email alerts? Think again. Monitoring systems can help you better manage your uptime, but even though you may spend a lot of time configuring checks and thresholds to identify problems early, your alerts are only as good as your incident response processes. Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch email alerts if you’re still using them.

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Transitioning to a DevOps Model

- January 22, 2015

As the pace of development and business continues to scale, teams need an agile and collaborative work environment to succeed. Moving to a DevOps model is a critical part of setting your engineering teams up to succeed, but making the transition can be challenging for many companies. In this post, we share some strategies for making the transition.

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Surviving a Datacenter Outage

- January 20, 2015

PagerDuty was built around one simple idea: waking up the right people when things break. When an event is triggered, PagerDuty makes magic to notify the right person or team that something is wrong. However, ensuring that the message makes it out of our pipeline to you isn’t so simple. Because we’re providing notifications when […]

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ChatOps: Let’s Talk Plugins

- January 13, 2015

This is the second post in our series on ChatOps In our last post, you learned what ChatOps is, how it works and the ways in which it can transform your organization. By promoting collaboration, communication and rapid learning, ChatOps presents some serious benefits not only for engineers, but also non-technical teams too. We want to […]

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