#HugOps in Practice: Empathy Skills for DevOps

- July 16, 2015


We think we’re doing the whole DevOps thing right — new hires can deploy on day one, Travis CI is humming along, and we own the code we ship. But then something breaks, something doesn’t go according to plan, tempers flare up, and all that warm, fuzzy collaboration seems to evaporate. What’s going on? What happened to #HugOps?

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PagerDuty + Opsmatic = Faster incident resolution

- July 14, 2015

Opsmatic provides real-time visibility of any change to the live state of your infrastructure and intelligently alerts you before trouble begins. The recent addition of Assertions gives you a precise way to check and enforce policy across all your hosts. It’s only natural that Opsmatic has partnered with PagerDuty to ensure flawless alerting and effective incident collaboration. PagerDuty’s operations performance platform ensures that the right people on your team get alerted and can resolve incidents before they become emergencies.

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Lessons from Virtuoso: Three Steps You Can Take to Reduce Alert Volume by up to 94% in Three Weeks

- July 9, 2015

Virtuoso blog image

We recently sat down with Shawn Motley, Senior DevOps Engineer at Virtuoso, to talk about his experiences with PagerDuty and the Event Enrichment Platform (EEP). Virtuoso is a travel portal for high-end clients, with over 200 employees and 8 web properties. When Virtuoso began focusing on their DevOps initiative 7 months ago, they were receiving thousands of events every 24 hours, the majority of which were noise. Learn how they reduced their alert volume by 94% in 3 weeks with PagerDuty and Event Enrichment by following 3 easy steps.

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PagerDuty Guarantees Uptime with Downtime Insurance

- June 30, 2015


Here at PagerDuty, reliability is our business, and we aim to prove it with our actions, not just our words. We’ve spent over six years bulletproofing our software for our customers, and we’ve operated under a strict reliability SLA ever since. Now, we’re backing our code and infrastructure by becoming the first company to extend customers a multi-million dollar downtime insurance guarantee. We have put so many failsafes into our product that, if we have an outage, we’ll compensate you for lost revenue that that occurs a result of our downtime.

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What is Operational Maturity?

- June 26, 2015


Long-time PagerDuty customers Dropbox, Flipboard, and Splunk spoke about their hard-won experience, shared war stories, and discussed what they’ve learned about operations at scale. They also had advice about how what they’ve learned can be applied to other teams. We were delighted to talk with customers, partners, and the extended community about what it means to be operationally mature. Here is what was said about Operational Maturity.

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Why We Didn’t Build a Native Chat Client

- June 18, 2015

PD chat

Transparency and collaboration are at the core of DevOps philosophy, and ChatOps is an important aspect of both. ChatOps puts an entire team or organization’s work in one place – everyone’s actions, notifications and diagnoses happen in full view. A native PagerDuty chat client would be designed for use during incidents, and wouldn’t replace the chat client you use every day. Having two different chat records, which a native chat client would encourage, runs counter to the DevOps philosophy.

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The Best Metrics for Driving Cultural Change in DevOps Teams

- June 11, 2015

Everyone wants to optimize their team’s performance, but coming up with a good plan for doing so isn’t always easy. That’s why operationally mature DevOps teams use metrics to gain valuable insight into their work, enhance the their capacity, and drive cultural change. Here we outline the key metrics that you should be monitoring and talk about how they can influence your team’s culture and performance.

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Customer Perspective: Setting Up IT Operations Software for Startups

- June 2, 2015

This is a guest blog post written by Anthony Gibbons, the Operations Manager at Airhead Education. Anthony gives his perspective as a startup setting up PagerDuty as their IT Operations Software: “With the advent of cloud services and companies willing to integrate with each other, it is now entirely possible for a small startup to use the same monitoring tools as industry stars such as Airbnb, Pinterest and Path… It probably took me an hour to integrate all of my services with PagerDuty.”

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