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It Came From Below

Kelsey Shannahan is a Senior Developer at a leading healthcare IT company in Columbus, Ohio. She is passionate about Elixir, her three cats, and Eldritch…

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Achieve Better Accountability With Full-Service Ownership

Software teams seeking to provide better products and services must focus on faster release cycles. But running reliable systems at ever-increasing speeds presents a big…

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Blameless Culture Key to Addressing Outage Outrage in Australia

After the unfortunate Commonwealth Bank of Australia outage last week, the powerful Payment Systems Board—whose members include the chairs of the RBA and APRA –…

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Service Monitoring and You

The author would like to point out that this blog was definitely not delayed multiple times by fellow contributors, Dave Bresci and Arup Chakrabarti. Monitoring…

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Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

October is the month of spooky scares, so it makes sense that National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is also recognized at this time—after all, what’s more…

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Modernizing Your Digital Operations with Sumo Logic and PagerDuty

As digital transformation continues to be central to an organization’s growth mandate, it’s critical to ensure that customer-facing, revenue-generating, mission-critical applications are operationally reliable and…

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Making the Most of PagerDuty + Datadog

For your team to effectively respond to incidents, you need a shared, unambiguous incident definition so you can recognize when an incident has occurred and…

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Launching the Fund to Connect Remote Communities to Essential Medical Care

When it comes to impacting lives—around the world and in our own communities—it’s often about empowering the right group of people to take action when…

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Where Engineering Lessons Fall Short: Overcoming Misconceptions Through Real-World Experience

As an Agile Coach at PagerDuty, I facilitate the majority of my development team’s core agile ceremonies. One of my main responsibilities is to challenge…

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Walking the “Green” Carpet: The Summit19 Customer Awards

Last week during Summit, our annual conference, our co-founder and CTO Alex Solomon announced the 2019 PagerDuty Summit Award winners. These awards honor our best…

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Summit Day Two: New Integrations and Developer Platform to Bring Real-Time Work to More People

Yesterday, we kicked off PagerDuty Summit by launching new features that support the themes of Visibility and Intelligence. If you missed the keynotes or want…

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Summit Day One: Delivering New Machine Learning Capabilities to Cut Costs and Outages

At PagerDuty, we continually innovate every month (check out our What’s New page for the latest updates). But while we ship product continuously, we also…

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Connect the Right Teams and Work Together to Quickly Resolve Customer Issues

Today at PagerDuty Summit 2019, we announced PagerDuty for Customer Service—a powerful new way to connect Customer Service teams to engineering and IT teams. We…

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Announcing General Availability of PagerDuty’s Slack Integration

When PagerDuty’s VP of Product Management Rachel Obstler announced the beta version of our new Slack integration in April in her “Anticipating, Monitoring, and Managing…

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Service-Based vs. Team-Based Approach: Which Is Better?

How is the incident response process set up at your organization? At PagerDuty, our approach is to holistically look at your infrastructure, your customer-facing applications,…

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Unplanned Work, Part 2: The Impact on the Enterprise

Today, technology problems can alter the trajectory of a business. Minutes of downtime or latency (slow is the new down) cost organizations dearly in lost…

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Check out the DevOps Speakers at Summit19!

PagerDuty Summit 2019 is just around the corner! This year, we have an entire track dedicated to DevOps best practices. We have a strong and…

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Unplanned Work: The Impact on DevOps Teams

Going on call and being awakened at a moment’s notice to put out fires when reputation and revenue are on the line is incredibly stressful….

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