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Five Organizations Tackling Health Inequity: Meet PagerDuty.org’s Second Impact Accelerator Cohort

by Olivia Khalili November 30, 2023 | 4 min read

Reimagining emergency care rooted in equity, tackling public health challenges using sensor technologies and data analytics, and healing communities by breaking the cycle of violence and uplifting community leaders. These are some of the tech-forward solutions selected to join PagerDuty.org’s Impact Accelerator — a program that connects tech-forward organizations with holistic support including grant funding, product credits and discounts, technical pro bono support, and storytelling. Over the next 12 months, each organization will leverage the PagerDuty Operations Cloud to automate manual tasks and triage and prioritize urgent issues to ensure that critical organizational resources are focused on their community impact.

Read more about each organization below and explore their websites to learn how you can support them.

Photo of a person with a mobile phone showing accesSOS app in left hand and QR code to access the app in right hand.

accesSOS is building a more accessible emergency response system for people who lack access to 9-1-1 and other emergency services, such as people who are deaf or hard of hearing, people with speech disabilities or limited English proficiency, and domestic violence survivors. 

Over the next 12 months, the team will expand language accessibility from 5 to 25 languages, and broaden their services  from 3 cities covering a population of 680,000 people to additional geographies covering a population of over 8 million people.

To achieve these goals, accesSOS will invest in bolstering their technical infrastructure and use PagerDuty’s platform to reduce response times and enhance the user experience for individuals seeking emergency assistance.

Nexleaf Analytics Photo of wall cabinet with wires and sensors

Nexleaf Analytics creates data and technology solutions to serve health systems, improve management of life-saving equipment, and save lives in low-and-middle income countries.  

Nexleaf and PagerDuty began our partnership in 2020 to pilot automated power outage alerts to hospital workers and administrators in eight health facilities across Kenya. When Nexleaf’s system detected an outage, PagerDuty provided real-time text message alerts to hospital workers regarding grid outage, backup generator outage, and resolution alerts. This simple use case for power outage data has already proven useful to health workers for preventing deadly power outages and improving backup generator management. 

Nexleaf is now expanding the automated power alerts to 15 new health facilities across Kenya, and by 2026, aim to scale their power alert product across Ministries of Health in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Pakistan.

SIRUM Photo of a warehouse with stacked white sorting bins with medicines

SIRUM is the nation’s largest redistributor of surplus medicine, connecting patients in need of medication with surplus medication that otherwise goes to waste. In 2022 alone, the SIRUM team helped redistribute $60M of life-saving medication and reached 60K uninsured and underinsured patients. 

As a software company building tech for good, SIRUM has a complex tech stack — from tracking shipments to intake to logging donations at partner pharmacies. They use PagerDuty to aggregate data reliably across multiple platforms and triage and prioritize the most important and urgent issues that impact the patients they serve.

Over the next 12 months, they will invest in cold chain capabilities to enable expansion to high-value and specialty medications (such as oncology medications) and significantly increase impact on the patients they reach.

Trek Medics International Photo of ten people on a bridge helping two people hanging on the bridge

Trek Medics International is transforming access to emergency response networks in global communities. 

Trek Medics, a partner since 2020, uses PagerDuty as an internal response and early warning system for Beacon, their cloud-based dispatch platform for emergency services and crisis response organizations. 

Since launching the Beacon platform in 2015, they have grown the number of emergency incidents they respond to by 300x and now have revenue-based financial sustainability — an ambitious goal for most nonprofit organizations — within line of sight. 

Trek Medics will embark on a three-year journey toward revenue-based financial sustainability, which will enable them to provide continuous, uninterrupted product maintenance and support to their customers, and to scale their impact by adding new product features and investing in key crisis response partnerships.

Youth ALIVE! Photo of five people standing in a semicircle and smiling towards the camera

Youth ALIVE! is breaking the cycle of violence and uplifting  community leaders through prevention, intervention, healing, and advocacy. 

A PagerDuty customer since 2021, they have used PagerDuty’s Incident Management product to transform a manual solution with a single gatekeeper and significant stress, to an automated solution that enables pertinent information to flow automatically and immediately to the right response teams. This has helped ensure nearly 100% of violence victims were not rehospitalized. 

Over the next 12 months, PagerDuty will support their long-term strategy to reduce youth street violence and deaths by conducting mediations to interrupt violence, completing safety assessments of shooting victims, and maintaining a 3% re-injury rate post-violence, against a national average of 44%.  

At PagerDuty.org, we empower mission-driven teams to build a more equitable world and sustainable future. We know that this work requires a commitment to long-term systems change; this is why we continue to invest in our partners through our impact accelerator program and provide holistic support for their impact journeys. We’re excited to launch our second cohort of the impact accelerator with these inspiring organizations that are transforming access to care across the world.