Build Operational Excellence with New Innovations on the PagerDuty Operations Cloud

by Hadijah Creary May 22, 2024 | 7 min read

The PagerDuty Operations Cloud empowers modern enterprises to tackle critical operations work and deliver on top strategic initiatives. From transforming incident management to modernizing NOC operations, streamlining automation, and improving customer experience, the PagerDuty Operations Cloud enables organizations to augment their workforce with AI and automation. This approach ensures our customers can operate more efficiently, accelerate innovation velocity, and sustain seamless digital experiences.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a suite of exciting enhancements around AI and automation that  enrich the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Each advancement is driven by our commitment to empower our customers to deliver unparalleled digital experiences and provide them with the tools they need to build more resilient operations. Learn more about how these innovations can improve your digital operations.

Let’s see how these features and functionality can help you tackle your top initiatives.

Integrated across the PagerDuty platform: PagerDuty Generative AI to improve productivity throughout critical operations work

Woven throughout the PagerDuty Operations Cloud is PagerDuty Generative AI, currently available in Early Access. Powered by AI and ML, its assistive capabilities help customers drive significant gains in efficiency and productivity when managing critical work.

From drafting postmortems to authoring automation jobs, PagerDuty Generative AI reduces the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. PagerDuty Generative AI features the following capabilities: 

  • AI Assistant: A Slack-first generative AI (GenAI) chatbot that provides responders with helpful insights at every step of the incident lifecycle–from notification to post-incident review. New capabilities include the ability for PagerDuty Generative AI to provide a quick synopsis of the incident through simple prompts, which creates a summary view of the incident. Responders coming into incidents can leverage PagerDuty Generative AI to rapidly summarize incident details, Slack notes, and customer impact in a moment.
  • AI-generated Runbooks: A low-code feature that generates new workflow definitions from manual or pre-engineered prompts, reducing friction for experienced engineers and new users.
  • AI-generated Status Updates: This feature generates an audience-specific status update draft with the click of a button, saving time communicating with stakeholders during an incident.
  • AI-generated Postmortems: This feature collects and collates relevant incident data to build a comprehensive summary of what happened, when, and how it was resolved, as well as recommended actions to prevent similar outages.
  • AI-generated Automation Digest: This new sub-feature of Actions Log summarizes the most important results from running automation jobs, making it easier for responders to gather and share information.
  • AI-generated Markers in Jeli, part of PagerDuty (early beta): This feature quickly pulls relevant incident data to build a comprehensive narrative and timeline of what happened, how, and why within Jeli’s Post-incident Reviews. (Requires Enterprise Incident Management or Jeli products.)

Demo of PagerDuty Co-Pilot


Interested in trying PagerDuty Generative AI? Sign up for the EA program. To try Jeli AI-generated markers, sign up for a free Jeli trial today and ask your account team to get added to the Jeli GenAI early beta.

Run modern operations centers and ITOps teams more efficiently with a single, unified view of all incidents

IT leaders overseeing operations centers want to modernize to reduce costs and improve productivity by using AI and automation to keep their teams focused on higher-value work. These central teams (NOC, SRE, ITOps) monitor large parts of their organization 24/7, with strict SLAs. When incidents strike, these teams often struggle to find information rapidly or know the right corrective action to take.

The new PagerDuty Operations Console, currently in Early Access, empowers central teams with a synchronized, live perspective of incoming incidents and the operational well-being of their systems, mitigating business disruptions and safeguarding customer satisfaction.

With the Operations Console, teams can: 

  • Craft personalized dashboards for timely issue assessment and swift intervention.
  • Harness configurable tabular and filter components to pinpoint pertinent data swiftly.
  • Guarantee team-wide alignment by consolidating all information into a singular, centralized source of truth.

Demo of the PagerDuty Operations Console


The Operations Console joins a portfolio of purpose-built features designed for Operations Center teams as a part of PagerDuty AIOps. Additional innovations announced today include dynamic routing and escalation policy capabilities to provide more flexibility and control for central teams. With PagerDuty’s Operations Center Modernization solution, enterprises can transform their operations center processes with AIOps-driven signal correlation, noise reduction, and runbook automation auto-remediation to experience fewer incidents and faster resolution. Sign up for Early Access for Operations Console.

Learn more about PagerDuty’s Operations Center Modernization solution.

Standardize automation at scale with enhancements to PagerDuty Automation

Our customers face significant pressure to enhance operational efficiency. However, the work that Operations teams manage is highly manual, time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to human error.

With PagerDuty Workflow Automation, Dev and IT teams can automate manual business processes (gathering approvals, making decisions, or providing updates) that are part of operations work. The tight integration of Workflow Automation with PagerDuty Runbook Automation connects these human-in-the-loop steps with technical automation in Runbook Automation to fully automate complex operations processes. This enhancement helps organizations automate more manual tasks and accelerate the completion of critical work across technical teams. Contact us to learn more.

Workflow Automation Navigation screenshot.

Additionally, we announced new enhancements to PagerDuty Runbook Automation that enable organizations to build and implement automation at scale. Typically, technology teams develop automation in silos, which can create complexity that hinders the adoption and standardization of automation across distributed teams, tools, and services.

Project runner management, currently in Early Access, further enhances the ability to securely deploy automation to remote environments by allowing customers to orchestrate automation within a unified platform, accommodating various team environments and tool preferences. These enhancements to PagerDuty Automation help organizations standardize automation at scale and maximize the benefit of their investments. Sign up for the project runner management Early Access.

Learn more about PagerDuty’s Automation Standardization and CoE solution.

Mitigate risk with comprehensive incident management workflows to guide remediation and improvement

Incidents are inevitable. But when every digital interaction is a chance to build loyalty and trust, downtime can put your business and reputation at risk. For technical leaders who feel exposed to the business risk of urgent situations, it’s common to take on a transformation initiative to modernize your incident management approach.

PagerDuty Incident Management helps the modern enterprise do just this by acting as a system of action that manages the entire incident lifecycle from detection to resolution. With automated workflows and guided remediation available to responders directly in their collaboration tools, our incident management platform eliminates guesswork and ensures no critical steps are missed.

This automation-led approach ensures that internal and external stakeholders are well informed, responders adhere to SLAs, and the potential impact of incidents is contained with rapid resolution. With the power of Jeli post-incident reviews built into this workflow, organizations get full end-to-end incident management so that every incident turns into an opportunity to learn. Taking the time to identify and reflect on what happened and why can highlight rich insights that can lead to building more resilient processes over time.

Jeli Report

PagerDuty’s Incident Management Transformation solution automates the management of major and minor incidents throughout the incident lifecycle, from detection to resolution and learning. As a best-in-class leader for incident management, PagerDuty is trusted by thousands of teams to help them transform their practices towards a more proactive approach. Learn more about PagerDuty’s Incident Management Transformation solution.

Transformation is always challenging. However, these innovations are significant in revolutionizing operational efficiency and modernizing workflows. By providing synchronized incident management, comprehensive automation, and scalable deployment capabilities, we enable organizations to achieve enhanced visibility, reduce risks, and increase operational efficiencies across teams, ultimately driving success at scale.

Experience the PagerDuty Operations Cloud and all its benefits firsthand with our free trial.