Incident Analysis Designed for Learning

Jeli highlights the coordination costs of incidents, uncovers organizational issues, and generates recommendations to help address problems before they become severe. Jeli combines disparate systems involved in incident response—Slack, Zoom, Jira, PagerDuty, and more—and makes it easy to analyze across multiple incidents. The result: Deeper and more efficient analysis of what went sideways, and how to learn from it.

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Turn every incident into an opportunity for learning

Every incident is an opportunity that reveals how your organization really works. Jeli aggregates data across the tools and people involved to reveal clear, actionable recommendations for your organization to improve.

Get efficient with your analysis

No more toilsome timelines or Slack channel snooping to get the information you need. Jeli automatically populates your timelines in minutes, not hours.

Mitigate risk by sharing learnings

The more knowledge you have, the less risk of the unknown. With compelling narratives, all teams have something to learn from incidents.

Drive better customer experiences

Spend time and resources where it matters for your business. Get back to making your customers’ experience better, faster.

"Our management team uses incident analyses in Jeli to make informed decisions in our roadmap planning. The platform allows us to reference documents and learnings to drive continuous improvement of our software."

Ian Smith Engineering Manager, Honeycomb

Product capabilities

  • Narrative Builder
  • People View
  • Cross-Incident Analysis
  • Reports that get read

Start learning from your incidents.

Jeli meets your team where you are today and guides you to faster response and deeper insights across your complex infrastructure, systems, and applications. Identify consistent stresses, see patterns, and make data-driven decisions across your tools and people.