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PagerDuty and Jeli Together Will Transform Incident Management

Today is an important day for us at PagerDuty, and for the larger ecosystem of incident management. We’ve acquired Jeli, a standout player in the incident management space. This deal represents a strategic alignment of visions, technologies and goals that will have a lasting impact on the industry and our customers. In particular,adding Jeli to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud will help improve enterprise resilience, reduce the impact and risk of operational failure, and lessen the need for costly point solutions. So let’s take a moment to delve into what this acquisition means for you, our valued customers, as well as what it means for the future of incident management.

A Comprehensive Incident Management Platform

Organizations often struggle with tool sprawl, using a patchwork of point solutions that adds complexity, overhead and spend. This acquisition offers a unified, enterprise-grade incident management platform to reduce the risk of operational failures and improve operational efficiency at scale. By incorporating Jeli into the PagerDuty Operations Cloud, we’re going beyond the traditional boundaries of incident response; we’re talking about a comprehensive cycle that spans from the initial alert to in-depth analysis and actionable improvement. The seamless integration of Jeli’s capabilities will allow the PagerDuty Operations Cloud to serve as a system of action and a system of insight to fuel continuous improvement. This transformation equips CIOs, DevOps, ITOps and business leaders alike, with a more sophisticated set of tools to analyze incidents, identify vulnerabilities, and apply changes proactively for future preparedness.

From Reactive to Proactive Operational Resilience

One of the key challenges for today’s enterprises is the transition from reactive to proactive management of operational tasks, further reducing the risk of operational failures. This acquisition is a timely solution to that challenge. By introducing Jeli’s “learning from incidents” methodology into PagerDuty’s existing portfolio, we’re enabling a significant shift in perspective. Instead of merely reacting to incidents as they happen, organizations can now leverage insights from these incidents to build more resilient operations. Executives and decision-makers are afforded a more structured and data-driven approach to understand the complexities of operational interruptions. In essence, we’re not just providing you the tools to put out fires; we’re also handing you a guidebook on how to understand previous incidents, so that you can be more prepared and lessen the blast radius when incidents do happen.

Long-Term Operational Maturity through Continuous Improvement

Beyond immediate incident response and resolution, Jeli’s platform also excels in providing avenues for long-lasting operational improvements. It offers analytics-driven insights that facilitate a more detailed understanding of incident patterns, enabling efficient resource reallocation and more effective project planning. These capabilities dovetail perfectly with PagerDuty’s mission to push beyond the immediate and to invest in sustainable operational maturity. We are not just providing a band-aid solution for immediate problems; we’re offering you a strategic roadmap for long-term resilience and efficiency.

A Collaborative Future with a Thought Leader

I want to take a moment to express how excited we are about the thought leadership that Jeli’s Founder and CEO, Nora Jones, will bring to the table. Nora and her team have always been at the forefront of human-centric technology, striving to understand not just how systems work, but how people work with those systems. This commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement is in complete harmony with PagerDuty’s principles. Our collective vision will reinforce our human-centric approach, blending technological innovation with an organizational culture that prioritizes learning and growth. This isn’t just a meeting of technologies; it’s a synergy of visions for a more resilient, efficient and humane digital operational landscape.

What’s Next: Continuous Innovation

As we embark on this new chapter, our commitment to providing a holistic, intelligent and highly efficient incident management platform remains steadfast. Like PagerDuty, Jeli is at the forefront of integrating GenAI into the incident response process. Jeli recently announced multiple GenAI-powered incident response and analysis features that provide incident summaries and draft narratives, and is currently building an AI roadmap to define the future of AI for incident management.

In the coming months, expect to see multiple updates and feature releases that will leverage the strengths of this acquisition.

A Note of Thanks

To our loyal customer base, your support has been the cornerstone of our drive for innovation. The acquisition of Jeli marks a significant leap forward, but it’s only the beginning. We are committed to continuously evolving our platform to serve you better.

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