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Honoring Our Veteran Community – PagerDuty Recognizes Patriot Week Across the Globe

by Joe Militello November 13, 2023 | 4 min read

Last week, we celebrated Patriot Week at PagerDuty, honoring and recognizing veterans around the world. Whether our Dutonians themselves or one of their family members served in the military, were a first responder, or just someone who wanted to show up and participate, this week’s programming reminded us all of the sacrifices of veterans around the world, and was a moment to reflect, remember and salute those who served.  

For me, it was also personal.

After graduating from college, I joined the Marines as a Second Lieutenant. Just as with any major life decision, I had to decide about a military career being the right one for me. However, I jumped in with two feet and gained valuable experience and lessons that have served me for a lifetime. First and foremost, I learned the value of resiliency, grit, adaptability, and not giving up when things get hard. I apply this same mentality to my role as Chief People Officer, especially when things move really fast (as they often do). When work gets hectic or when confronting the unexpected, having the tact to slow down, take a deep breath, and ground in your resiliency is empowering. 

I learned invaluable lessons in leadership and discipline, and the importance of a cohesive team working towards a common goal. These are not just military values, but values inherent to any successful, high-performing team, and values that are embedded in the way we work at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty’s commitment to veteran representation 

At PagerDuty, we prioritize diverse hiring practices. Veterans bring both breadth and depth of experience and we know the exceptional value they offer from their unparalleled work ethic to their adaptability and resilience. Those who have served bring important skills and perspectives that are incredibly beneficial in a corporate environment.

We have veterans and first responders in roles across almost all geographies and functions, including People, Finance, Engineering and Marketing. We also have a dedicated community through our PatriotDuty ERG that promotes and supports a veteran and first responder presence through recruitment programs, career opportunities, internal education, and community outreach.

As a member of PatriotDuty myself, I have seen firsthand the impact of their leadership on our veteran community and across PagerDuty. Further, the diverse representation in PatriotDuty showcases the intersectional culture we’re proud to have built and continue to build at PagerDuty. 

Activating our community 

I wanted to share a few highlights from the many events that PatriotDuty organized during Patriot Week:

  • The week kicked off with our global recognition, highlighting how different regions and cultures honor veterans worldwide. 
  • Our letter-writing campaign added another personal touch, giving Dutonians a simple way to connect with active and retired military members and first responders. As of the latest count, we’ve sent 30 to first responders, military personnel, and veterans and continue to encourage virtual letter writing throughout the month.
  • We were proud to host a volunteer awareness event with Hire Heroes USA. PatriotDuty led an interactive session detailing the organization’s mission, their outreach programs, and personal anecdotes from his volunteering journey. The event provided valuable insights into how Hire Heroes USA assists veterans with transitioning into civilian employment.
  • Our trivia event combined education with entertainment to emphasize the significant roles that first responders and military personnel play in our communities. Participants answered a series of questions based on first responder and military facts. 
  • The week of activity concluded on Veterans Day with a “virtual” 5K. Participants were encouraged to run or walk at their preferred location–a local park, treadmill or even just a neighborhood street–and used fitness tracking apps or smartwatches to log and share their progress. 

Thank you to all of the veterans and first responders within our PagerDuty community and globally – we thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Image of group sending letters to military members Image of group sending letters to military members