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PagerDuty FY24 Impact Report: Building an Equitable and Sustainable Future

Today, we are proud to share PagerDuty’s fourth annual Impact Report, which describes the work we’ve done across five key Global Impact pillars to build an equitable and sustainable future: our people, our products, responsible business practices, philanthropic investments, and planet stewardship.   

PagerDuty’s impact strategy is tightly integrated with our mission to revolutionize operations and build customer trust by anticipating the unexpected in an unpredictable world. By focusing our resources – our innovative and responsibly developed product, our talented workforce, and our financial resources – in service of generating positive outcomes for our customers, partners, shareholders, and communities, we have continued to make a difference in the world. We are proud to have done so in close partnership with the organizations and individuals featured in our report, each of whom has helped to accelerate our progress. 

Our employees are passionate about our commitment to building an equitable and sustainable future, with 96% of employees volunteering or donating to a cause, and 86% citing PagerDuty’s social impact work as making them proud to work for the company. They continue to form the backbone of our fulfillment of the 1% Pledge that we took in 2017, with the support of our Board of Directors, to allocate 1% of equity, 1% of product and 1% of employee-paid volunteer time to philanthropic causes. 

At the heart of our ability to contribute to the communities in which we operate is our corporate commitment to good governance. This commitment is brought to life through the leadership of our Board of Directors and executive team and the daily actions of each employee acting in accordance with our standard for responsible business practices. Our company’s commitment to responsible business practices is as important as ever, as technologies such as artificial intelligence carry nearly limitless potential to change the world if developed and deployed in ways that engender trust.   

To learn more, read the full PagerDuty Fiscal Year 2024 Impact Report. In tandem with the PagerDuty Fiscal Year 2024 Impact Report, we launched our new PagerDuty Impact Hub, our website where we will communicate our ongoing global impact and share periodic stories of the work of our employees, grant partners, and others to build an equitable and sustainable future.

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