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Insights from PagerDuty’s 2024 State of Digital Operations Report: The Year of Action, Transformation, and AI Adoption

Organizations must balance the day-to-day needs of the business with large-scale, long-term digital transformation as they continue to modernize their operations in service of growth.

For our 2024 State of Digital Operations Report, we asked over 300 technical and business leaders at US-based Enterprise and upper Mid-Market companies about the challenges to their business and the initiatives they are prioritizing this year. We also audited incident data from the PagerDuty platform over the course of 2023.

Read on for a preview of the insights we’ve discovered, and download the full report to unlock additional insights and actionable takeaways.

Top priorities and opportunities

  • The Business and IT see progress very differently: When asked about their organization’s operational health, IT leaders were much more optimistic than their business peers, indicating areas for better alignment and collaboration.
  • Security and reducing risk: 45% of respondents ranked security and reducing risk among their top 3 business imperatives, with 29% naming them their highest priority. 73% expect to spend more on security solutions this year.
  • The Cloud: Leaders expect investments in cloud infrastructure and storage to expand 77% and 73% respectively.

On the rise

  • Operational complexity: Incident volume within Enterprise companies saw a 16% YoY increase, indicating rising operational complexity and risk.
  • Budgets for IT Operations: 57% of respondents say their 2024 IT Operations budgets will be higher than last year. 
  • The year of AI adoption: 71% of leaders say budgets are growing for AI and machine learning. 76% plan to automate IT and business operations workflows.

Download the full report

Get more insight into the top challenges and emerging trends in digital operations. Download your copy of the 2024 State of Digital Operations Report to discover additional takeaways and actionable insights from your peers.