PagerDuty Named a Leader in GigaOm’s Inaugural 2023 Incident Response Platforms Radar Evaluation

by Zack Linky November 29, 2023 | 3 min read

In a world where organizations of all industries increasingly rely on digital innovation and experiences to create differentiation in the market, it has never been more critical to ensure the integrity of their operations are safeguarded against unforeseen outages and incidents. Operational disruptions today can have a major impact on brand reputation, create negative revenue implications and impact customer loyalty. Beyond the world of customers, employees today also rely on mission-critical apps to manage their day-to-day internal operations and any unplanned interruptions can harm the business. 

Despite the large-scale endeavors companies have pursued to mitigate failures stemming from the complexity of today’s modern technology platforms, incident volume has continued to steadily grow and even the biggest and most valuable brands have discovered they are not immune from large scale incidents. According to a recent report and survey conducted by EMA Research, most respondents see IT outages and significant incidents as either increasing (40%) or remaining roughly the same (27%), however another 15% of participants acknowledged that they’ve experienced an increase, “but think they can lower the impact with AIOps and automation.” With the growing cost and pervasiveness of unplanned outages, organizations can’t risk adopting “good enough” incident management solutions and processes to manage their operations. 

Instead, they need to prioritize finding a vendor partner that takes a holistic approach to managing operations by combining the best of incident management, AIOps, and automation under one unified platform to arm front line responders, operations leaders and CIOs with the tools they need to achieve operational excellence.  

In their first ever Incident Response Platforms Radar Evaluation, the analyst firm GigaOm embarked on a mission to identify the leading incident management vendors in the market by comparing them against a detailed set of criteria that was informed by the needs of today’s modern enterprises. Thanks to PagerDuty’s “exceptional” score in eight of the key criteria and evaluation metrics GigaOm considered, we are proud to share that GigaOm named PagerDuty a market leader in their evaluation – 

PagerDuty received an “exceptional” score in the following areas:

In PagerDuty’s report profile, GigaOm emphasizes,

“PagerDuty is an enterprise-grade platform for handling urgent, critical operations work in real-time. PagerDuty offers an end-to-end incident management platform with built-in AI and automation capabilities designed specifically to help IT operations, site reliability engineering (SRE), and developer teams operate more efficiently at scale… PagerDuty is designed from the ground up to support complex event-driven automation and orchestration scenarios for incident response, going beyond basic workflow automation across the entire incident lifecycle. It supports a full event-driven automation and orchestration environment that moves into the AIOps space depending on needs and implementation.”

When it comes to helping organizations manage their operations and incident management processes at scale, it’s abundantly clear that PagerDuty is in the best position to help organizations evolve their IT operations from an innovation bottleneck to one that delivers competitive differentiation for them in the market. 

Read GigaOm’s complete report for yourself here and learn more about PagerDuty’s Incident Management solution here.