PagerDuty + Datadog

Monitor, Contextualize, and Take Action with PagerDuty and Datadog

Thousands of PagerDuty customers count on Datadog to monitor their complex applications, infrastructure, and systems.

PagerDuty allows Datadog customers to enable more effective incident response with use of PagerDuty’s powerful real-time operations platform, with new applications that allow for seamless workflow and event management — all without having to leave the Datadog environment.

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We Work Where You Work

When dealing with critical incidents it's important to give users the ability to drive real-time operations in whichever tool they use.

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Bi-directional Signaling
Notify PagerDuty on-call responders based on alerts sent from Datadog
Rich Incident Management Workflow
Send enriched event data from Datadog, including visualizations of the metric/service-level indicator (SLI) that triggered the event
Noise Reduction
Create high and low urgency incidents based on event severity from the Datadog payload
Real-Time Communication
Synchronize incidents and escalation updates across both PagerDuty and Datadog

Status Dashboard By PagerDuty Widget

See a live, shared view of system health to improve awareness of operational issues. Teams can view the current service status and send notifications to alert users when business services are impacted.

Key Features
View PagerDuty’s service status dashboard directly from Datadog for a quick, real-time view of system health.

Manually trigger an incident from the PagerDuty Datadog Marketplace to mobilize responders right away.

Display the current status of key business services along with the impacted downstream services while viewing an incident in Datadog.

Improve communication between response teams and stakeholders during incidents. Get Started with Datadog Marketplace


Incidents By PagerDuty Widget
Acknowledge, troubleshoot, and resolve incidents with PagerDuty actions embedded directly in the Datadog interface to limit context switching among tools. Give responders a snapshot of ongoing incidents, with single-click navigation back into PagerDuty for added context.

Key Features
Display up to 20 high urgency and active incidents from PagerDuty right in the Datadog console.

Provide flexibility for acknowledging and resolving incidents based on where responders are troubleshooting.

Outlier Incident functionality displays the frequency of similar incidents. It is available for our Event Intelligence customers.

Use one-click navigation to view PagerDuty incident lists, individual incident details, and services dependencies. Get Started with Datadog Marketplace

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